Advertise in the Guide of CARAVAN SALON 2018

Advertising in the list of exhibitors

Graphic: advertising in catalogue - individual advertising text and QR code
Individual advertising text in the list of exhibitors

Company descriptions or activities on the stand can be positioned as text under your entry so as to make targeted reference to your stand and your exhibits

Price: from € 44.– each 55 characters plus VAT

  • This code can be photographed using a mobile telephone and free software, and automatically decoded
  • Any desired URL (up to max. 60 characters) can be deposited behind this code
  • There is no quicker and more convenient way to obtain supplementary information on your offer

Price: € 100.– plus VAT

Product categories

Graphic: advertising in product categories
Logo product category
  • Your company logo with your selected product categories
  • Enables you to stand out from the mass of companies in the product categories
  • Steers the attention of users directly to your products

Price: € 95.– plus VAT

Communication data per each product category
  • A short entry in the product categories can easily get lost in the general mass. Consequently, make use of the opportunity of clearly emphasising your entry through the booking of communication data (complete address, telephone, telefax, e-mail and homepage)
  • Interested parties do not first have to search for your contact data and can contact you directly

Tip: Also reserve a logo in the product categories in order to emphasise your most important products!
Price: € 60.– plus VAT

Individual advertising text in the product category
  • Also deposit individual descriptions of your products or services in your entries in the product categories

Price: from € 44.– each 55 characters plus VAT

Logo on the starting page of the hall directory

Graphic: advertising in guide - on the starting page of the hall directory
  • Your company logo is positioned prominently on the first page of the hall directory
  • Limited to 8 exhibitors
Price: € 350.– plus VAT

Hall plan logo

Graphic: advertising in guide - hall plan logo
  • Your coloured company logo facilitates the search for your stand by interested parties
  • Also appears on the hall plans next to the information counters in your hall
  • Shows your visitors the direct route to your stand
Price: € 250.– plus VAT


Graphic: advertisements in guide


  • Put your company in the focus of visitors with a prominently positioned advertisement
  • Advertisement positions on content and cover pages make your advertisements an eye-catcher that cannot be overseen

2/1 page: € 1,750.- plus VAT
1/1 page: € 990.- plus VAT
1/2 page: € 600.- plus VAT
Price 2nd Cover page: € 2,500.- plus VAT
Price dividing carton, reverse page: on request
Price 1/1 carton left before dividing page: on request

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Marketing Services

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