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The fascination of caravanning: Germany’s Allgäu region, the Baltic and St Petersburg, Lake Baikal and Mongolia, the Heart of France, the Pan-American Highway – from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean and a campervan tour from Düsseldorf to Beijing

The Dream Tour Cinema at CARAVAN DÜSSELDORF (26 August to 3 September 2017) has become quite an institution. Year on year it arouses enthusiasm with the most spectacular images and breathtaking footage. As in the past, our Dream Tour trio – Janette Emerich, Konstantin Abert and Uwe Hamm – have compiled an exciting programme. On each day of the trade fair they will be presenting six multi-vision shows of some fascinating caravanning trips to far-away countries. Visitors to this year’s CARAVAN SALON can look forward to the following destinations: Germany’s Allgäu region – winter camping in the Alps, the Baltic and St Petersburg, Lake Baikal and Mongolia, the Heart of France – a campervan tour from the Loire Valley to the Atlantic, the Pan-American Highway – from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean, and a trip from Düsseldorf to Beijing: travelling by land to the Middle Kingdom.

The multi-vision show is held daily, at one-hour intervals at the Dream Tour Cinema (conference room 10.1 in Hall 10) from 10:30 to 16:30 hrs. All these shows are covered by the CARAVAN SALON ticket.

11:00 Allgäu – Winter Camping in the Alps

12:00 The Baltic and St Petersburg

13:00 Lake Baikal and Mongolia

14:00 The Heart of France – a Campervan Tour from the Loire Valley to the Atlantic

15:00 The Pan-American Highway – from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean

16:00 Düsseldorf to Beijing: all the Way by Land to the Middle Kingdom


Allgäu – Winter Camping in the Alps

Germany has recently seen a significant rise in campervan travellers. After all, there are so many great places which are just waiting to be discovered. This year our Dream Tour specialists will be presenting a German gem: the beautiful Allgäu region – in a somewhat unusual season, though. But who says that camping is impossible in winter? So our travellers loaded up their campervan, and off they went! For several weeks they roamed the region between Lake Constance and Obersdorf, climbed snow-clad mountain peaks in the Allgäu Alps, watched a sledge maker at work as he made horned sledges, learned how to embroider traditional leather trousers, went on walks around some picturesque mountain villages and visited the famous royal palaces near Füssen. They captured the unique beauty of this holiday region in some amazing photographs and video footage, showing that there is a special charm about a trip to this region in winter.   

The Heart of France – a Campervan Tour from the Loire Valley to the Atlantic

When we think of France, we spontaneously associate it with good wine, the Eiffel Tower in the city of love, and sunshine on the Côte d’Azur. Yet France has a lot more to offer, and what could be a better way to explore its magnificent landscapes than in a campervan? Janette Emerich whisks her audience away on a highly varied campervan tour that appeals to all five senses. Her imagery is strikingly eloquent, and so are the stories she tells as she conveys the savoir vivre of France. Starting out from Alsace, the trip takes her via the Grand Ballon and the mustard city of Dijon to the Loire Valley. The romantic castles and palaces of the Loire are like diamonds, and the gigantic Château Chambord, the water castle of Chennonceau and the luxurious gardens at Château Villandry are particularly worth visiting. The Dream Tour Cinema takes the visitor through historic tuff stone cellars, vineyards and mysterious limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites. On the Atlantic coast time seems to have stood still on the picturesque Ile de Ré with its dreamy villages. Europe’s highest shifting sand dune near Arcachon is as impressive as the historic cities of Bordeaux, Nantes and Vichy and the mediaeval villages of Beynac, Rocamadour and Salers. The tour finishes with the spectacular countryside of the Auvergne and its bizarre volcanic cones.

The Pan-American Highway – from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean

Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm turn dream trips into reality. They know the American continent well, as they have spent more than 10 years accompanying adventurous caravan enthusiasts for six-month periods along a road which is probably the most spectacular in the world: the Pan-American Highway. It runs along the entire length of both South and North America, from Tierra del Fuego all the way up to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. No other road illustrates the diversity of our planet with so much clarity. Being passionate photographers, the two travellers take their Dream Tour audience on a fantastic journey that appeals to all five senses. Their highlights include the ear-splitting calving of glaciers, the endless widths of the Salt Lake in the Altiplano, a glimpse of the lava spewed out by the active Villarica Volcano, the sand dune of the Atacama Desert, the deserted sites of the Incas, the dizzying passes of the Andes, some vibrant big cities and some exotic Indio markets. The pioneering travellers know how to present their exciting encounters and adventures as well as some unique nature and wildlife in this amazing multi-vision show. The imagery is truly stunning and makes us feel we want to get behind the steering wheel straight away.

Lake Baikal and Mongolia

A trip all the way across Siberia as far as Lake Baikal in your own campervan – why not indeed? It’s a dream that can easily become reality. A journey by road to the world’s biggest lake has never been so simple, safe and inexpensive. Travelling to the shores of Lake Baikal via Riga, Moscow, the Ural Mountains and Siberia requires no more than a normal campervan, as most of the roads are fairly good. Don't miss this crystal-clear Siberian ocean – the biggest freshwater reservoir on earth, set within a beautiful fairytale landscape.

Once you’ve reached Lake Baikal, Mongolia is almost round the corner. It’s safe to say that Mongolia is like a gigantic nature reserve. Once you’ve been there, you’ll never forget its green steppes, wild horses, wild camels and your encounters with shepherds. What could be more beautiful than going to sleep under an immense sky with thousands of stars, visible from a window in your own roof? Mongolia is one of the last great travel adventures on this earth, without traffic signs, parking fees, Wi-Fi or McDonald’s. Yet the country now has enough paved roads to make this vast and wild land accessible, so that it can be conquered in a normal campervan. Kostya Abert, an expert on Central Asia, will be taking his Dream Tour audience on this amazing adventure tour.

Düsseldorf to Beijing: all the Way by Land to the Middle Kingdom

All the way by campervan from Düsseldorf to China – surely this can’t be done, can it? “Of course, it can!” says Kostya Abert, who has been travelling the Wild East in a campervan for more than three decades. A trip from Düsseldorf to Beijing in a campervan is a fantastic and highly varied adventure. Just keep going east an, head for the rising sun, right across Eastern Europe, the Volga Delta and the steppes of Kazakhstan. Move along the legendary Silk Road with its oriental trading cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Kashgar. Take in a few deserts, some high mountains and steppes, and after only two months you’re in Beijing.

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