Jaxida Cover Uli Schwenk

Made-to-measured garages out of diffusable cloth

Eriba Touring Caravan

Jaxida covers are made-to-measured garages out of diffusable cloth for caravans and campers.

Characteristics of the covers:

.safety during storms - means the material is made for wind forces up to 110km/h. The garage gets tied down by strong straps around the body so everything is safe. The garage fits the shape perfectly which is also why it's tied down perfectly.

.icy and cold weather – ice and snow down to temperatures of -20°C are absolutely fine.

.no condensation - the material is waterproof and diffusable. similar to Goretext.

.easy to handle - one person can easily fit the cover on the camper/caravan.

.UV-protection - means alls the rubber seals, colour and plexiglass is protected from the strong destroying UV-radition.

.UV-resistance - the cloth is not getting damaged by UV-radiation. Plastic covers or cheap material will decompose through the years.

.keeps off dirt - dirt, algees, bird excrements and exhausts do not harm the caravan/camper.

.cleaning - the cover is easy to clean. Right on the caravan/camper in can be cleaned with our special cleaning agent. It will be clean and dirt-resistant again.

.hail protection - the cover protects from light hail. To be save from strong hail additional protection can be ordered.

.advertising space for your company/product - use the big space on such a cover for your own advertisment. We put your Logo or product ad on the cover.

.lifetime - up 15 years the foldable garage will be protecting your caravan and camper.

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