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AL-KO Air Top now available with compressor kit

The well-proven AL-KO additional pneumatic suspension Air Top for Fiat original chassis and box vans – pictured are the special bellows – is now available with a matching compressor kit.

The AL-KO Air Top additional pneumatic suspension for Fiat original chassis and box vans, which has already been proven 50,000 times Europe-wide, is now even easier to operate. The package is now available with a matching compressor kit which means that the additional pneumatic suspension can be easily operated at any time from the driver's seat by using a rocker switch. A manual external air source, such as a mini compressor or a compressed air tool from the service station is thus no longer necessary.

Aside from this the performance of the AL-KO Air Top remains the same. The no-maintenance additional pneumatic suspension, which is perfectly coordinated with the Fiat original chassis (lead frame, special chassis, flat-bed and box van) guarantees noticeably better suspension comfort. The special bellows also ensure much more stable driving behavior with an improvement in roll stabilization. As well as this the system guarantees lifting of the rear axle by up to 50 millimeters when stationary. This means an increase in clearance, and also makes it possible to compensate for any unevenness in the parking space or vehicle tilting due to asymmetric load distribution. A special characteristic of the Air Top: It is currently the only additional pneumatic suspension on the market with a clearance certificate for Ducato vehicles with ESP.

The AL-KO additional pneumatic suspension Air Top is widely available for original rear axles based on Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (type X230 / X244 / X250 / X290 & X295), as well as for Fiat Ducato with ESP (type X250 and X290 / 295) in original equipment and for retrofitting.

The retrofitting can currently be done at the Customer Centers North and South – by the end of the year there will also be motorhome workshops specialized in pneumatic suspension.

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