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Sawiko Futuro Basic - The ideal load carrier for premium bicycles

The Futuro Basic guarantees stable and secure transport on the back of the vehicle. Thus it is an ideal load carrier – especially for high-value loads such as premium bicycles.

The AL-KO subsidiary SAWIKO has revised their product range and developed another load carrier for box vans: The Futuro Basic. With the fixed, non-lowerable transport platform its tare weight is around ten kilograms lighter, it has very robust construction and a cost advantage of around 400 Euro. It closes the gap between conventional load carriers and the Futuro with lowerable transport platform, which was presented last year. A special feature: In contrast to conventional load carrier systems the Futuro's 4-point attachment to the car body and the door hinges mean an even application of force on the car body. No load is put on the back doors. With its solid suspension on the robust attachment points any lopsided hanging or rattling is also a thing of the past, as are rust spots at the vehicle attachment points. This means that stable and secure transport on the back of the vehicle is guaranteed – especially important for high-value loads such as mountain bikes or racing bikes. For this reason the Futuro Basic is the ideal load carrier for cycling fans. Incidentally: The carrier can be demounted for the winter season or taken off if the vehicle is exchanged and used again on another vehicle – without leaving any trace on the vehicle.

The Futuro Basic has taken over the important primary functions of the Futuro. For example the swinging main bracket allows free access to the rear doors even when fully loaded. This means that important storage compartments or equipment in the back of a box van is easily accessible. The transport platform of the Futuro Basic, which can be folded up, is equipped with a robust bicycle protector bracket just as with the Futuro. A maximum of three bicycles can be transported on the solidly attached platform, and the height-adjustable main bracket can be optimally adjusted to the differing fixation points on each bicycle. In order to transport more expensive sporting equipment or camping equipment a storage box or ski holder can be retrofitted. A spare wheel holder is also possible. Thanks to its raised position loading and unloading is easy.

Particularly practical: Due to the attachment of the transport platform over the tail lights no additional repetition of lighting or license plate is required. The usage of any available trailer hitch also remains possible with the Futuro Basic. The Futuro Basic, including modification kit for two bicycles, is available for €1,350 or with modification kit for three bicycles for €1,450. For comparison: In the version for two bicycles the Futuro costs €1,750 and in the version for 3 bicycles €1,850.

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