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AL-KO AMS MAMMUT - the most flexible maneuvering system for tandem caravans

AL-KO MAMMUT, the maneuvering system for caravan tandems, is now even more flexible.

AL-KO MAMMUT, the maneuvering system for caravan tandems, is now even more flexible: With ever more possible installation variants there is a fitting solution for almost every tandem caravan – irrespective of whether the caravan already has a chassis with M-holes or not. From the 2015 season nearly all tandem chassis from AL-KO will have M-holes both on the front and back, which will offer optimal attachment options. Thanks to this the customer will have optimal attachment options with excellent clearance – in front of and behind the axle. This system can be quickly and easily installed on the new M-chassis, which have M-holes in front of and behind the axle.

The caravan maneuvering system MAMMUT from AL-KO offers proven technology with all the functions and features, even for the motorhome heavyweights up to 3 tons. The fundamental idea of the compact construction was maintained and developed. AL-KO engineers once again perfectly integrated the electronic control system in the robust aluminum drives, and therefore protect it from damage and dampness (IP 65). The solution for dual axles masters obstacles of up to four centimeters and slopes of up to 15 percent (3.0 tons). The installation or the retrofitting of the electronic four wheel drive, which is currently the most precise on the market, is possible on AL-KO chassis with or without an “M” stamp. TÜV registration is not required.

The MAMMUT TANDEM, as with the variant for single axle caravans, scores point with numerous unique features. For example the system can be steplessly steered via a joystick with millimeter accuracy – intuitively and with one hand. Also included in the equipment of the tandem variant is a soft start/soft stop function (with release of the joystick the caravan is immediately braked), the possibility of turning the caravan on the spot (360 degree turning), and a security system with activation via a magnetic switch on the overrun device. With this complete set-up even tandem axle caravans can be precisely and comfortably maneuvered. Completely without assistance. With this the optimal contact pressure is always guaranteed through electronically regulated employment of the distributor rollers. With the integrated “control panel” the remote control provides information about the current system status such as the roller positions, overload, tension and temperature.

With M chassis the MAMMUT TANDEM is installed in front of the axles (top installation) and behind the axle (bottom installation). With other chassis or with limited installation space, for example with a step in front of the axle, the installation is carried out as bottom installation both in front of and behind the axle.

The own weight of the MAMMUT TANDEM varies, depending on installation type, between 74 and 84 kilograms. As an energy package AL-KO recommends a battery with 66 Ah (Optima AGM spiral cell) or a battery with 100 Ah (AGM).

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