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Looking for a fellow traveller toshare the costs
Every year we get many requests from travellers who wish to travel to and through China with their own vehicle. Most applications are from travellers, who travel alone. Often is the journey through China a part of a big journey over a great part of the world. Some travellers are put off in advance, due to the high costs. However, this is not necessary, if one can find fellow travellers that have the same plan. And it would be a pity if you for this reason, would have to skip this beautiful and unique country during your great tour. You will, after all, not every year be so close to China and for many it is usually once in a life time to make a world tour or such a big, long journey.

Driving through China is in relation to travelling in most countries of the world, a more expensive affair. This has to do with the applications and organizing of the LOI (Letter of Invitation), permits and of course providing a guide. These permits are issued for a vehicle or rather a group. One vehicle with two people is seen as a group. These permits also apply to a group consisting of several vehicles simultaneously enter China and travel together through China and finally leave again at the same time and place China. In this way, the costs are significantly lower, as the costs can be shared by the number of vehicles. The choice is up to you as a traveller, choosing more freedom or less spending.

But where do I find someone like that? To find a fellow traveller is definitely not easy. How do you know for a fact who and when somebody will travel through China? This same problem has the one who is looking for you, of course. Here again, China Overland has an outcome. We collect the data and bring travellers in touch with each other and then arrange for the 'resulting group' the journey through China. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can inform you about other applications of persons with the same time- and route planning as you have. On our site you will find a form where you can fill in your details so we can go search for the fellow traveller(s), where you are looking for.



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