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Liner Plus sets new standards in the kitchen as well

Features of Concorde models set an example throughout the trade

Aschbach, July 2015

Concorde is presenting a total of 10 different, highly modern and comprehensively equipped 2016 models with its Liner Plus series. What is new is the Liner Plus 890 L layout, which offers single beds at the rear with an overall length of just 9 metres and drives up on either an Iveco Eurocargo or Mercedes Atego chassis. Model 990 G can be ordered with a Quadix garage. There is a choice of optional kitchen variants for models 990 L, 1090 MS, 1130 G and 1140 G. The focus in the kitchen is on integrating even more work surface and functional amenities. The Centurion Style package promises an improvement in value.

Concorde's Liner Plus models have been setting new standards in the world of exclusive motorhomes for years now. The season will kick off with 10 first class models that offer a superlative level of comfort and convenience. Liner Plus models 890 L, 940 LS and 990 L have single beds at the rear. All other Liner Plus vehicles are equipped with exclusive queen size beds.

Exclusive models 990 G, 1060 Gmax, 1130 Gmax and 1140 Gmax feature garage variants, which have been designed to accommodate a Smart, a Fiat 500, a Fiat Abarth 500 or a Mini Cooper.

There are two chassis offered as standard for the 890 L, 940 LS, 940 M, 995 M, 990 L, 990 G and 1090 MS models, each available with different performance values. The Iveco Eurocargo chassis 90E25 to 120E28 range from 184 kW (250 PS) to 206 kW (280 PS) and the Mercedes Atego chassis 923 L to 1530 L offering between 179 kW (231 PS) and 220 kW (299 PS). Models 1060 Gmax, 1130 Gmax and 1140 G are based on the Mercedes Atego 1530 L, powered by a 220 kW (299 PS) engine.

As far as the body is concerned, the Liner Plus models are impressive by virtue of their distinctive appearance. Available as an option, the separately controllable full-length roof lighting on either side of the vehicle is a truly eye-catching innovation. It provides the ideal illumination when manoeuvring in the dark; particularly on unlit or poorly lit sites. An elegant solution was found for the optional roof awning, which has been integrated into the roof profile.

The interior furniture offered as standard is resplendent in a Wenge wood finish; the Wenge finish can be replaced by the optional Noce design and both are enhanced by cream/white high gloss Senosan front panels on the overhead wall units. The seating groups have ergonomically shaped upholstery. The wardrobes are spacious and are equipped with practical LED lighting.

A parquet design has been adopted for the standard flooring; ship deck and slate designs are available as options. As usual, Concorde guarantees the highest flooring quality standard in terms of comfort, insulation and service life. An exemplary feature of all Liner Plus layouts is the single-level floor throughout, offering barrier-free access from the dashboard through to the rear bed.

The kitchens in the Liner Plus models set new standards in the motorhome world. Complying with numerous requests from customers, the customary kitchen area on the left (in the direction of travel) has been supplemented by another kitchen area vis-à-vis in numerous models, which usually accommodates a refrigerator with worktop. All Liner kitchens are impressive by virtue of their functional convenience, just like home. Noteworthy features include various apothecary cabinet solutions, the corner cabinet with integrated coffee machine, additional storage areas in the corner, generously dimensioned mineral composite worktop(s) and the round sink with two-piece chopping board. Concorde's kitchen concept makes particular concessions to those customers who set off on longer journeys with their motorhomes and spend more time making active use of their living areas and kitchens.

The spacious, high-quality bathroom, which can be partitioned off from both sleeping area and kitchen by means of doors, has its own window, a separate shower, white marble mineral composite worktop with a seamlessly integrated moulded washbasin, high-quality furnishings with practical mirror panels, and is equipped with a convenient porcelain toilet (built-in 230-litre tank). Model 995 M offers a separate toilet with its own door as an option.

The standard features set new technical standards in the Liner class and include the following:

differential lock, ABS, TCS, cruise control, tinted windscreen with heated wiper park position, xenon headlamps, sun blind, pleated front blind, heated windscreen, double-glazed, tinted plastic windows, heated raised floor, shock-cushioning deluxe seats with lumbar support and seat heating, fresh and waste-water tanks, each with 320 litres capacity, in the heated raised floor, 2-zone room heating and 2-zone underfloor heating, engine heat exchanger, gel batteries (2 x 170 Ah and a 60 A combination charging unit with power inverter, 4000 W peak and 2000 W continuous output.

The Centurion Style package, which is available as an option for all integrated Concorde motorhomes and improves their value considerably, is another exclusive plus factor. The package includes attractive Centurion exterior styling with corresponding emblem, furniture with Noce wood finish, black tinted windows for agreeable privacy, high-quality wooden blinds in the living area and impressive LED mood lighting to create a personalised atmosphere.

The basic prices for the impressive, new, deluxe Liner Plus models start at € 239,600 with Iveco Eurocargo chassis and € 249,800 with Mercedes Atego chassis.

The current Liner Plus models are being presented on the Concorde stand at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf between 29 August and 6 September 2015 (Stand B 32, Hall 14).

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