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25 million AL-KO axles sold – worldwide

Maximum degree of safety and comfort for private and commercial vehicles for decades

A new chapter in a success story: The 25 millionth axle has just rolled off the production line at AL-KO – 25 million times quality, comfort and safety. Worldwide. The unique hexagonal rubber suspension axle was developed and first went on sale precisely 48 years ago; it is used all round the globe in all kinds of sectors and vehicle types.
AL-KO, as the market leader in axles for commercial trailers and caravans, also offers torsion bar axles for mobile homes and commercial vehicles. By now AL-KO's extensive range includes the perfect axle for each of its customers and partners, from individual custom-made special solutions to standard versions for high-volume customers. However, development in this area is proceeding further: from mid 2015, a new axle for up to 750 kg will be added to the product group of unbraked axles. As well as on improved functions, the focus remained on a lightweight construction of this axle. The 25 million axles produced have also required continuous optimisation of technical equipment and production facilities in the past years. As a result, we have invested not only in another robot welding line, but also an automated assembly plant. After all, it is typical of AL-KO to consistently improve its delivery performance. Flexible production of the many customer variants while ensuring fast, on-time delivery are the principal goals and the ever-present focus of all optimisation projects. This is why AL-KO's customers from all sectors place their trust in the expertise and experience of the vehicle technology specialist and European market leader from southern Germany.

Flashback: In 1967, the hexagonal rubber suspension axle was developed, which marked the start of axle production. It is still a unique product today. 520 axles were produced in the first year, a figure which had risen to 100,000 only six years later. At the same time, production was built up in Western Europe and gradually expanded. Initially, production facilities were set up in Austria and South Tyrol, followed by Zaragoza (Spain), Southam (UK) and Louhans (France). In 1985, the USA followed and in 1987, Australia. 1993 plants were set up in Moscow, Poznan (Poland) and Vizovice (Czech Republic) as well as in South Africa in 2002 and China in 2007.

Today, the hexagonal rubber suspension axle is still characterised by practically unparalleled driving comfort and a high level of driving safety. Also, the range of AL-KO axles has since expanded to a significant degree: hexagonal rubber suspension axle, Euro-Delta axle for caravans, lowering axle systems, steering axles as well as torsion bar axles for mobile homes and commercial vehicles with AL-KO chassis. The various axles are supplemented by corresponding brake systems such as mechanical overrun hitches, electric wheel brakes, pneumatic brakes and hydraulic brake systems. All of these have in common that they always offer the ideal technology for any requirements in the private and commercial area. Whether caravans, mobile homes, refrigerated trailers, car transporters, emergency service vehicles, horse trailers, fairground rides or even mobile Christmas tree packaging machines – AL-KO has the solution.

And AL-KO is much more than just an axle producer. As a system supplier, the company has almost all the components in its range that are required for a trailer's chassis – starting from safety hitches, brake systems and drawbars through to those unmistakable axles. An extensive assortment of accessories completes the range. When it comes to commercial vehicles and mobile homes, AL-KO is also expanding its portfolio further – especially with regard to chassis systems.

With the delivery of its 25 millionth axle, AL-KO can look back on a long history and tradition. This fact is also emphasised by Harald Hiller, Divisional Director of the globally active AL-KO division Vehicle Technology: "We support our customers in their global expansion, and we are and will remain a reliable partner for chassis technology."

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