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AL-KO Comfort Kit for the most comfortable driving experience

Pro workshop appointment for product tester Thomas Wunsch and his Burow Vip 600L van at the AL-KO Customer Centre South in Kleinkötz: Like all winners of the "Test Drivers Wanted" crowdsourcing campaign, Thomas received the Comfort Kit fitted in his vehic

New suspension system for vans meets with a great response immediately on launch

Barely on the market, the new Comfort Kit is already encountering considerable enthusiasm! With its innovative suspension concept for vans, AL-KO has evidently struck a nerve among the target group because the campaign in AL-KO’s Ideas Factory – the online crowdsourcing platform of AL-KO Vehicle Technology – was a notable success right from the start. Nearly 150 participants applied to be a test driver. Meanwhile, the vehicles of the five selected test drivers are being fitted out with the Comfort Kit. A practical test phase is currently underway and is intended to last throughout the summer through to the end of September. Then the findings of the product testers will be analysed and shared with the 'crowd'. In this way AL-KO will continue to work together with customers to create new products and improve existing ones.

When it comes to driving pleasure, the chassis – in addition to performance – plays a central role. Even when fully loaded, we provide a suspension that provides maximum ride comfort on longer journeys. AL-KO allows van owners to benefit straight away. The vehicle component specialist offers a retrofit solution for noticeably improved comfort for both the front and rear axles of the popular vans Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper 33L and 35L 2006 models and later. The kit consists of the AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS) for the front axle and the AL-KO Rear Suspension (ARS) for the rear axle. The driving comfort optimisation also has a few secondary benefits: By reducing the interior noise, the signs of fatigue of the occupants are also reduced.

The ACS front axle suspension for vans consists of an optimised high-performance shock absorber surrounded by a matching coil spring. Unlike vehicles without ACS, the increased suspension comfort can be felt right from the outset – especially given the many grooves and cross joints in the roads and other poor surface conditions. The stand height of the front axle remains the same as with the original suspension strut. It's not just newer vehicles that can benefit from ACS – vehicles whose shock absorbers have reached their wear limit and that therefore need to be replaced can also benefit. The new AL-KO Rear Suspension (ARS) rear axle system guarantees conservation of vehicle, structure and load. It's a package consisting of special shock absorbers, extra coil springs and special end-stop buffers. The whole set is specially designed for the gross weight and the axle load of van mobile homes. ARS avoids a "sinking in" on the rear axle caused by tail-heavy loading. Due to the increased free spring displacement, hard shocks are gently cushioned. Both ACS and ARS are unique in the market. The maintenance-free solutions for front and rear axle can be upgraded individually or as a complete kit at AL-KO specialist workshops and AL-KO customer centres. The complete set is available for less than € 2000 including installation.

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