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SAWIKO KAWA II – The universal transport platform for vans

The KAWA II is a universal transport platform for vans. The rack can be customised to your needs thanks to the modular design and the different retrofit kits that are available.

Flexible system thanks to its modular design – All retrofit kits can be upgraded at any time

The new, universal transport platform for vans from SAWIKO offers increased flexibility thanks to an intelligent system of combination options, plus plenty of convenience thanks to simple operation. The aluminium/steel KAWA II platform rack has a variable and closed platform. It can be used to transport bikes, electric bikes, scooters or various storage space solutions cleanly and safely. Thanks to the modular design, all retrofit kits can be upgraded at any time. The continuously variable wheel strap, lashing rings or tyre wedges highlight its flexibility. Additional convenience features include the integrated access ramp for scooters, the removable clamping strap or clamping arms and tyre wedges with ratchet quick release. The access ramp is stowed in the platform itself to save space. To load a scooter onto the platform, just pull the ramp out and down. The removable clamping strap guarantees easy access to the rear doors. You can open both fully in order to load the vehicle.

The KAWA II is installed directly to the van's frame structure. As such, it is securely connected to the vehicle and has a load capacity of 150 kg. Since it is installed in a lower position than conventional carrier systems, it is easier to load, for example with heavy electric bikes.

Technical data:

Load capacity 150 kg

Net weight without retrofit kits and supporting elements approx. 43 kg

Suitable for max. 3 bicycles or electric bikes, 1 scooter + bicycle

Platform size width 1875 mm / depth 550 mm

Removable clamping strap (optional)

Built-in access ramp (optional)

Retrofit kits available:

Platform rack without clamping strap (base rack)

Platform rack for 1 scooter, incl. built-in access ramp, wheel strap, tension strap, eyelets

Platform rack for 2 bicycles, incl. clamping strap, tyre wedges, clamping arms

Platform rack for 3 bicycles, incl. clamping strap, tyre wedges, clamping arms

Platform rack retrofit kit clamping strap for upgrading with 1 scooter or base rack

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