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AL-KO MAMMUT – Even more installation options for tandem-axle caravans

Best possible ground clearance – this is what AL-KO focuses on in its Mammut caravan manoeuvring system. Now more attachment options are available for the Mammut Tandem and with this AL-KO is expanding its leading position as a provider of high quality ca

The most flexible caravan manoeuvring system thanks to unique variety of chassis connection options

AL-KO is expanding its leading position as a provider of high quality caravan manoeuvring systems with additional attachment options for the greatest possible ground clearance. The unique variety of chassis connection options means the manoeuvring system is now even more versatile. There is now a perfect solution for almost every tandem-axle caravan – regardless of whether the caravan has a frame with "M" holes or not. Thus not least the growing demand from hobby caravan owners has been taken into account, where more connection options can now be offered.

Traditionally, owners of caravans with an AL-KO chassis, which dominate the market, have had an even wider choice of connection options. Since June 2014, almost all tandem chassis made by AL-KO have included the popular "M" holes both front and rear. So from 2015 models onwards it is possible to hitch both in front of and behind the axle. The high connection means the customer benefits from as much ground clearance as possible and the best protection against damage. The hidden mounting also improves appearances. It guarantees excitement at the campsite when a heavy caravan can be manoeuvred into a narrow plot as if by magic. AL-KO chassis before the 2015 model already offer this mounting option in front of the axle (top mount). In these models, mounting behind the axle is a traditional clamping version (bottom mount). For other chassis or where space is limited, such as a deep step in front of the axle, mounting can be done both in front of and behind the axle with a classic bottom mount and can therefore be used universally.

The AL-KO caravan manoeuvring system offers the tried and tested technology with all functions and features for the heavyweights among caravans of up to 3.0 tons. The fundamental concept of compactness was maintained and continued in the new generation: The entire control electronics have been perfectly integrated into the aluminium drives and as a result, protected against damage and moisture (IP65). You don't have to watch out for external electronics during loading, for example damage caused by camping chairs. The MAMMUT TANDEM overcomes obstacles up to four centimetres and/or inclines up to 15 per cent (3.0 tons). This impressive performance is enabled by the powerful all-wheel drive with four strong drive units. In addition to the high power, it also boasts an extremely sensitive and intuitive control system using a joystick. It is currently the most accurate system on the market. No TÜV registration is required.

The net weight of the MAMMUT TANDEM varies between 74 and 84 kilograms depending on the type of mount. AL-KO recommends a battery with 66 Ah (Optima AGM spiral cell) or a battery with 100 Ah (AGM) as power source.

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