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TRINEO – The new electric garage loader for scooters

The TRINEO loading system from SAWIKO for the mobile home rear garage allows quick and easy loading of the scooter.

Less space, less weight and easier to use

Simply and easily load your scooter into your mobile home – now a possibility with the TRINEO loading system from SAWIKO for the rear garage. The system weighs just 22 kg including the folding access ramp, so it uses up hardly any of the mobile home's payload. It doesn't require much space either: only the guide rails and electric motor need to be installed in the rear garage. The front wheel sled is then attached to the rail and can be removed without any effort, so that it doesn't take up any valuable space when not in use.

The Trineo has a payload of 150 kg, making it suitable for most scooter models. To load the scooter, the front wheel is simply pushed over the folding ramp into the front wheel sled. The front wheel of the scooter is then secured and lashed using the variable tyre fixing mechanism. The scooter can easily be loaded into the rear garage by remote control. This eliminates any cumbersome and strenuous loading and securing within the narrow rear garage. Once the scooter has been loaded, it's just a matter of securing the rear of the scooter with the included lashing straps.

Technical data:

Payload: 150 kg

Net weight: approx. 22 kg incl. folding access ramp

Installation dimensions: 2000 x 500 mm

Suitable for max. 1 scooter

Scope of delivery:

Lift mechanism with electric motor

Front wheel sled

2 remote controls - 1 x small for key ring, 1 x large for e.g. glove compartment

Folding access ramp

2 lashing straps

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