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AL-KO Premium Weather Guard – The best for the drawbar

The new AL-KO Premium Weather Guard offers the ideal cover solution for all components of the caravan drawbar.

Perfect coverage for all components of the hitch mechanism

Whether summer holidays by the sea in the heat and salt air or winter camping in the mountains with snow and ice and frosty winter temperatures: The new AL-KO Premium Weather Guard is the ideal cover solution to complement small weather protection for all components on the drawbar – from the stabiliser coupling to the handbrake and the magnetic switch for the Mammut manoeuvring system or the ATC diode. This new product even perfectly covers the jockey wheel. And last but not least, the Weather Guard looks good too. What's more, AL-KO has developed this Weather Guard version due to popular demand from its customers, who had been seeking a durable solution to protect the high-quality components of their caravans.

The high-quality, colour-fast-dyed acrylic fabric has a special dirt and water-repellent Clean Guard coating. The breathable material prevents condensation. The meticulously stitched seams also guarantee a sturdy design – and therefore long life expectancy. The AL-KO Premium Weather Guard can be quickly and easily attached to the drawbar with four metal eyelets and two rubber clamps and is available to buy now.

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