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BR-SYSTEMS launches innovative electric Bike Lift for motorhomes and revamped bike-carrier


Geluwe, August 2015 – BR-SYSTEMS is very proud to present its new products for the 2016 season. These innovations are the result of the constant quest for cutting-edge solutions which meet the needs of the industry. Thinking out of the box on a daily basis, BR-SYSTEMS today brings to market the “BIKE LIFT”. A very user-friendly electric bike-carrier, the BIKE LIFT makes users’ lives much more comfortable by eliminating the need to lift up their bikes. The new “PURE” bike-carrier, in turn, combines all the assets the consumer has come to expect of a quality bike-carrier in this day and age.

The smartest bike lift on the market
The patented “Bike Lift” is the smartest and most innovative bike-carrier on the market. Consumers hitting the road in their motorhomes now have the perfect solution for taking their bikes anywhere they want. The platform of the Bike Lift can bridge a 110 cm height distance, allowing it to be lowered to ground level on the majority of vehicles it is mounted on. This eliminates the user’s need for any heavy bike lifting. Finding that perfect setting for the bikes proves far more comfortable when they are closer to the ground, as well. The maximum load is 60kg, making it perfectly suitable for 3 classic bikes or 2 E-bikes.

A bike-carrier, pure and simple
By introducing the “Pure”, BR-Systems offers a bike-carrier which is the perfect combination of strength and lightness, a durable and user-friendly solution. Both the wheel holders and rails were completely redesigned. Innovative, smart adjustments guarantee optimal ease of use and maximum security.

Experience teamed up with innovation
Like Omnistor and Prostor before it, the independent BR-Systems brand is the result of know-how and experience accumulated over the course of 35 years by the family of founder Louis Brutsaert. The BR-Systems team is tapping that same pioneering spirit to enter the market for motorhome accessories. BR-Systems now applies this knowledge to innovative solutions, putting its primary focus on a full range of bike-carriers. From initial design to final production, the team is not afraid to venture off the beaten at any stage of the production process to achieve a comprehensive solution which combines ease of use with durable quality.

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