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EGRET electric scooter

EGRET ONE - the scooter to kick-start into e-mobility
A whole new form of urban mobility that combines high tech with sophisticated style. This is the e-mobility brand EGRET with the revolutionary scooter EGRET ONE: The vehicle based on the principle of a classic kick scooter, "designed and engineered in Hamburg", thanks to a powerful electric motor attains a maximum speed of 20 km / h.
The electric scooter by EGRET carries the epithet "ONE" for various reasons – first of all, it is the first e-scooter from the Hamburg forging development Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH, on the other hand it is one of a kind:
The innovative idea of the EGRET ONE: Combining the principle of a kick scooter with the comfort of a motorized vehicle. The utmost attention is brought to ease of use and security, to ensure the drivers pleasure and commuting practicability at the same time. In other words, mobility of 20 km / h maximum speed and a practical folding technique for space-saving stowage and just 15 kg total weight.
With an average range of 25 kilometers the EGRET ONE is perfect for a variety of applications - be it in the boat harbor, in the pit stop lane or in warehouse surroundings.
In addition, the EGRET ONE can be designed with individual branding as "unicum"
Six hours charging time for full power - in a marina, pit stop lanes & Co
The technologies of the EGRET ONE is convincing and clearly defined: made of an aluminum alloy that is also used in the aircraft industry, it is both lightweight and robust. The mechanical brake in combination with the engine brake offers optimal driver safety ¬– plus the engine brake is also used for energy recovery. Starting the EGRET ONE is only possible through a kick start, the driver can accelerate the scooter only when it is in slow motion already. The kick start method also prevents accidental start-ups, if for example the driver should release the throttle trigger unintentionally at a red light. The height-adjustable handlebar and the wide stand board provide a perfect and comfortable position on the EGRET ONE, with the LCD speedometer you have always the speed in view.
The lithium iron phosphate battery - which is extremely fire-resistant thanks to its chemical composition and thus meets the highest security standards. The battery requires only about six hours of charging time to achieve an output of 8Ah and the trendy scooter driver reaches an average range of 25 kilometers. It´s perfect for the applications of the EGRET ONE - be it in the boat harbor, in the pit stop lane or even in warehouse surroundings where it comes to move as quickly as possible from one end of the hall to the other.
Since 2012, the EGRET ONE is on the global market and it is fascinating costumers as well as distributers world wide.
EGRET shapes the future of mobility - even in legislation
But Florian Walberg, developer of the EGRET ONE and CEO of Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH goes one step further: Years ago he created a working group in a Technical Committee in Brussels to provide a tighter definition of a machinery directive in favor of vehicles with no seat. Since Walberg has been sitting at a table with the global players in the industry, he writes the new technical guidelines and develops the specifications for the new category of "Light Electric Vehicles".
Florian Walberg is involved in the bodies of the European Union, where it comes to the future of mobility and to the question which vehicles will characterize the urban transportation environmentally sustainable in the years ahead.
“We don´t confine ourselves to develop such a product as the EGRET ONE, to improve it constantly or to just add new e-scooters to our product range. Our aim is to raise awareness of our customers regarding the transport of the future. We all commute every day from home to work, to restaurants, to sports and there is a simple and environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional vehicles. The EGRET ONE. Plus it is a unique lifestyle statement, because if you choose this scooter, you position yourself clearly as a supporter of innovative technology and design fan at the same time " says Florian Walberg, CEO.
EGRET ONE, TWO, ....? News Autumn 2014/ Spring 2015

In autumn 2014 Walberg Urban Electrics presented a "facelift" of the e-scooter with further developments in rims, brake lever and fender, a V-shaped stand board, integrated bell plus the new accent colour petrol. EGRET ONE S: A new model coming from the Hamburg manufacturing company has been launched into the international e-mobility market in spring 2015.
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