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All in CARAVANING 2013 and All in TUNING 2013 Concluded with a High Note The World Watches the Burgeoning Chinese Market

Exhibition space of 21,500 sqm, more than 200 exhibitors, over 500 vehicles;

19,122 visitors from 13 countries and regions during 3 exhibition days, a 86.7% increase compared to last year;

Press coverage by over 100 media outlets, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and CCTV;

German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), Caravaning Industrie Verband (CIVD), Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia Ltd (CRVA), Verband Deutscher Automobil Tuner e.V. (VDAT), ACT Motor Trades Association Ltd. (MTA) and San-Ei Shobo, organizer of Tokyo AUTO SALON, as international supporters, who recruited delegations to attend the exhibition.

Jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation and The Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee of China Association of Automotive Manufacturers (CAAM), the All in CARAVANING 2013 and the concurrent All in TUNING 2013 have concluded on a high note at China National Convention Center on June 17, 2013.

As a compass in the sector, the two exhibitions occupied an area of 21,500 sqm with over 200 exhibitors and 500 vehicles. 19,122 visitors from 13 countries and regions were present during 3 exhibition days, an increase of 8,881 in number and 86.7% in percentage compared to last year’s edition. Overseas visitors came from the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and Thailand. In addition, many visitors were from Taiwan Region and Hong Kong SAR.

Over 300 articles reporting the Exhibition were released by around 100 media, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, the Travel Channel, The Beijing Times, International Business Daily,,,,,,,,,,, option and Those articles were forwarded over 1 million times on the Internet. The great gathering impressed the sector once more and the burgeoning Chinese market caught the attention of the entire globe.

Top brands in China and abroad were showcased under the same roof, competing for the enormous Chinese market
The Xinhua News Agency reported on June 15 from Beijing that the RV and tuning market in China experiences 30% increase annually. The tuning market value has reached RMB 80 billion yuan from RMB 1 billion yuan in 2006. The figure is expected to surpass RMB 100 billion yuan this year and the future market will amount to RMB 600 billion yuan. With regards to the RV sector, China is home to over 10,000 RVs and about 100 campsites. The annual sales volume of RV amounts to about 1,000, which is far below market demand. It is expected that RVs total in 2015 will amount to over 20,000.

Thanks to the promising market, All in CARAVANING 2013 and All in TUNING 2013 are bound to be the best platform for top brands to explore the Chinese market.

The two exhibitions occupied the floor of 21,500 sqm (an increase of 8% from the last edition), of which All in CARAVANING had an area of 11,000 sqm. 99 exhibitors were present, including a wide spectrum of caravans and mobile homes, accessories, extension components, and campsites from international renowned brands. Visitors were drawn in by various exhibits like TC59 Family4x4 (the giant UNICAT top overland expedition vehicle), domineering ARMADILLO Expedition, Chinese style wooden trailer of Sojourner RV, the newly-unveiled FENDT 560 FD (FENDT’s first China-tailored RV), KIP stand with rich Dutch style, imported cool RVs (Hymer, Adria, Winnebago, Jayco, KZ, Fuji, JURGENS, etc. and home-made RVs of different styles (Centech, Xinfei, Jinguan, Zhengtai Xier, Great Wall, SYT RV, etc.). Visitors were able to witness the attractive appearance of these RVs, exquisite interiors, all-around functions and superb amenities. 80% of the exhibitors struck bargains on site. Over 100 RVs were sold. There will be more orders to come.

The floor area of All in TUNING was 10,500 sqm. 69 exhibitors showcased tuning cars of various brands (tuned complete cars, concept cars, super sports cars, individually-tailored cars), tuned complete cars for sporting, parts and components for tuning (power systems, control systems, illuminating systems, body kits, tuned audio and equipment, professional tuning for SUV). STARTECH, MK Motorsport, DMC and NOVITEC ROSSO from Germany showcased their masterpieces. Decorsa, DGR, D1 spec, Z1, LONGSERNG, YLTECH and E-Forge also made a grand presence in the 86 Subject Zone. 19,122 visitors attended the exhibition, including luxury car clubs of world-class brands, manufacturers of tuned complete vehicles, 4S stores, agents of components for tuned vehicles, dealers, tuning stores, supermarkets of tuning accessories, clubs of tuned vehicles and fans.

High-end annual conferences shared expertise insights
The concurrent high-end annual conferences of the two exhibitions drew the attention of industrial players worldwide. Experts from around the globe, including the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) from the U.S., the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) from Germany, the RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA), Verband Deutscher Automobil Tuner e.V. (VDAT), ACT Motor Trades Association Ltd. (MTA), San-Ei Shobo of AUTO SALON were invited to the conference. They discussed the current situation and future growth of the industry with Chinese officials and experts of these matters. Relevant discussions at the conferences will push the industry to develop more professionally and internationally.

The All in CARAVANING 2013 Annual Conference, which drew much attention to the industry underwent substantial changes in topic selection and hosting form. The organizers invited influential guests of the industry from Germany, the U.S. and Australia and guests of ministries and commissions of policy-making, trade associations and businesses from China. All the guests probed into Chinese and foreign industrial standards and the demands for changing traffic and driving policies. Their efforts are to enhance communication among Chinese and foreign industry players, promote growth in China’s caravan and campsite industry by the top-bottom approach, contribute to the implementation of more cooperation projects, and herald the promising future of the industry in China.

Industry players are eager to share international experience, promote the growth of the international sector and explore China’s development in this regard after the successful conclusion of All in TUNING annual conference last year. This year, the conference brought forward decision-makers from home and abroad (the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, the CRVA, etc.), famous specialists, industry representatives and journalists. They conducted discussions and studies on the three subjects of latest development of tuning technology in China and the rest of the world, tuning business operation and the growth of 4S stores, and business opportunities reflected in tuning cases across the globe. They discussed the future growth of the industry and industrial policies with focus on tuning techniques, marketing portfolio of tuning businesses and tuning cases. Different from other high-end seminars, this session highlighted 4S stores and the hot topics of the industry. Practical, pragmatic and effective are some words that may be used to describe this session. In the end it was successful in promoting the substantial development of the industry and tuning culture by guiding people towards the correct philosophy of tuning.

Various activities enjoyed high popularity with interactive experiences manifesting the tuning and RV culture
Various activities were held on site. From experts, RV fans or tuning fans, to kids, everyone was able to find their favorite activities on site. All those activities shared the common goal of providing knowledge about caravans and tuning cars, as well as a fun time to the participants.

The 2013 show featured many highlights. A multitude of exciting activities demanded visitors’ active participation and interaction. Take the China CARAVAN Figure Exchange Activity for example, many RV fans gathered to listen to the travel stories of Mr. Zhang Laoye and DON'T U-TURN team, the winners of China Caravan Figure in 2012. They also exchanged views with Mr. Gu Yunsong, Mr. Ge Mingwei, Mr. & Mrs. Jin Yong and Mr. Wang Renhe, candidates of this year’s Caravan Figure Contest. Besides RV life fun, they shared their RV travelling experience, including how to drive trailers safely on highways.

Following last year’ success, the zone of the Carrera Racing Game once again became one of the most popular sites. Next door visitors were able to find the first Caravan Handpaint Award- a surprising success! The participants painted excellently, envisioning their dream RVs. The colorful and imaginative graffiti that could be found on the display wall was another surprise of the Exhibition.

The Tenth China Tuned Vehicle Contest held concurrently presented the top tuned vehicles of the nation to tuning lovers. This contest assessed candidate vehicles online and showcased them in reality. Toyota 86 made its debut after being launched in the Chinese market shortly before. At the on-site Toyota 86 Section, many models and various components for tuning were showcased with the presence of Subaru BRZ.

As one of the exhibition’s highlights, there were many thrilling drift performances at the on-site contest. Those performances presented the authentic speed, passion and excitement that the tuning culture embodies. The safety of technology, drive systems and chassis, and tires was a top priority during the performances.

Mr. Gu Yunsong is the winner of “China Caravan Figure 2013”!
There are 10 candidates entering the final round this year. Keen competition meant that hard choices had to be made by judges and arduous voting on the Internet. The surprise prize went to Mr. Gu Yunsong based on every candidate’s ballots and judges’ assessment on candidates’ travelling experience, influence and contribution to the industry. Mr. Gu will be sponsored by the organizer to attend the top caravan exhibition CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf 2013 in Germany this August.

The next All in CARAVANING and All in TUNING will be held in 2014. We sincerely hope to meet you again!

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