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Euro-Line Solar Announces New Flexible ApolloFLEX Mono Solar Modules

ApolloFLEX Mono 107 Watt

German company Euro-Line Solar GmbH has announced the launch of the ApolloFLEX Mono, a new flexible line of solar modules designed for vehicles, boats and off-grid applications.

Berlin, 21. August 2013 - Euro-Line Solar GmbH, a supplier of off-grid photovoltaic power solutions, announced the debut of ApolloFLEX Mono, its new line of thin and flexible solar
modules specifically designed for vehicles, boats and off-grid energy applications.

The ApolloFLEX Mono is a thin and lightweight solar module designed and manufactured in Germany to be semi-flexible and to conform to the contours of vehicle roofs and boat decks. Using high quality 22% efficient monocrystalline back-contact solar cells from
SunPower® encapsulated on aerospace-grade fiberglass, the ApolloFLEX Mono is lighter and more flexible than other solar modules of its size. No glass and aluminum framing allows savings of up to 80% in weight compared to conventional solar modules. In addition all modules are 100% weatherproof, including against hail and saltwater.

Euro-Line Solar’s Managing Director, Chris Aloise, says: “The ApolloFLEX Mono is an excellent solar module for consumers who want to reduce the footprint of installed solar panels on their vehicles. The thinness of our solar panels reduces wind resistance while driving and the savings in weight helps keep vehicles under the 3,5t Class B limit which has become more important for motorhomes and camper vans.”

Installation of the ApolloFLEX Mono solar modules is easy. Consumers can choose to install it using screws or glueing in directly to the roof. Once installed, the modules can even be walked on, an important benefit for installation in the marine market. Due to superior heat tolerance of the Sunpower® solar cells, energy loss due to heat buildup in minimized.

ApolloFLEX Mono modules are available in three power outputs: 35, 70 and 107 watts. Suggested retail price starts at €299,00.

Euro-Line Solar will be debuting the solar modules at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, August 30 - September 8, 2013 in Hall 13 Booth E01.

About Euro-Line Solar
Euro-Line Solar GmbH is a supplier of off-grid solar and wind power solutions for the outdoor, motorhome, and marine markets as well as custom solutions for commercial customers. Euro-Line Solar products can be integrated into existing products and applications. Euro-Line Solar is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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