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Hobby 2014 - new caravans

Hobby caravans 2014

Light to luxurious: Hobby sets trends with its totally
revised new caravan range

Diversity is the key! For 2014 Hobby, the caravan market world leader, offers customers a huge choice with six series and 66 models ranging from the light entry category De Luxe easy to the luxurious caravans of the elegant upper segment Premium.

With its luxurious caravans of the Premium series, Hobby launched a new trend two years ago. Since these Premium models with their attractive design have been travelling across Europe’s roads and capturing admiring glances at camping sites, modern exterior and interior design has become increasingly important in the caravan industry. In 2014 world market leader Hobby is continuing the course it started with the Premium series and the established De Luxe, Excellent and Prestige now also feature a new design.

Hobby De Luxe easy

The De Luxe easy series which is new in the range, represents the entry category in the Hobby collection with lighter models with a high vehicle load capacity. Weight was reduced with, for example, material reduction and optimised furnishing construction. Models 400 TB and 400 SF weigh only 1,100 kilograms and even both 460 models (460 LU and 460 UFe) weigh a maximum 1,300 kilograms which means they can, for example, be driven with a Golf category vehicle. A further benefit for smaller towing vehicles is the minimal width of the compact caravans of this series of only 2.20 m. The maximum model total mass of the De Luxe easy series is 1,600 kilograms (560 CFe and 560 KMFe) and, with a total of 16 different models, this is the strongest group in the Hobby range. Popular family floor plans such as the 490 and 545 KMF as well as the 540 and 560 KMFe belong to the range as do versions with double and single beds as the De Luxe easy features two totally new floor plans – 540 LE as well as 560 FFE. The 540 LE is a caravan with comfortable single beds in the rear sleeping section as well as a cosy corner seating group in the front.

The 560 FFE also offers this as well as a luxuriously designed sleeping section as the rear of the caravan features a large queen-sized bed which is comfortably accessible from three sides.

An outstanding comfort feature of both new floor plans is particularly the new bathroom: the washroom with WC is on the left side of the caravan whilst the shower cabin is a separate unit on the right side.

The fresh blue and cream upholstery fabric “Atlantis” complements the youthful style of the De Luxe series particularly well.

Hobby De Luxe

The De Luxe series offers thirteen additional model versions in the entry segment. Besides the compact models, the De Luxe impresses with a great choice of caravans in the mid weight category from 1,400 to 1,600 kilograms and, with the 650 KMFe, Hobby also offers a spacious family caravan with 1,900 kilos total weight. The De Luxe and De Luxe easy series specialise in family friendly floor plans with nine model versions featuring a children’s section with practical bunk beds.

The cheerful maple décor “Light Maple” and “Dark Maple” define the furnishings in both the De Luxe as well as the De Luxe easy with easy to clean floors in subtle “Akira grey”.

Hobby Excellent

The caravan mid segment at Hobby begins with the Excellent series which has been successful for already many years and this launches the 2014 season with 12 models. Excellent is aimed primarily at couples with high comfort standards. Besides Hobby’s typically comprehensive series fittings, customers particularly appreciate the spacious room division which numerous floor plans of this series offer. A good example of this is the bestseller 560 Cfe with its opulent corner seating group in the rear and spacious bedroom with French double bed and integrated wash area in the front of the caravan.

An equally original and spacious room division is offered by the new Excellent 560 FFE with large corner seating group in the front and queen-sized bed in the rear as well as a new spacious bathroom (see De Luxe easy).
Although the Excellent caravan weight lies mainly between 1,500 – 1,600 kilograms, the series also offers compact models such as the 1,350 kilogram 455 UF which, with a comfortable round seating group in the rear and transversely installed double bed in the front, is an excellent choice for couples.
The interior of the new Excellent models is characterised by warm wooden shades of “Ashai ash” which forms an attractive contrast with the light magnolia elements and light flooring in “Akira light”. The upholstery combination “Madeira”, a pink coloured floral pattern with soft cream coloured areas, highlights the elegance of the Excellent.

Hobby Prestige
Similar to the De Luxe and Excellent series, the Prestige also enters the 2014 season with a new design. However, the Hobby classic is also very modern on the inside yet without foregoing traditional elements and values. The décor colours of the furnishings in light and dark oak and the “Yukon” upholstery form a combination which exudes quality and warmth with which the Prestige lives up to its high standard of being a caravan for discerning caravaners. With eleven floor plans, it offers this target group an extensive choice which, corresponding to the series, covers the upper mid category. Hereby the weight of the Prestige models ranges from 1,600 to 2,200 kilograms. This particularly includes comfortable versions with longitudinally fitted beds such as the 560 UL, 560 WLU and 610 UL but also large caravans with double beds and cosy round seating groups such as models 650 UMFe and 650 WFU. The 720 models, UKFe and KFU – two large static caravans with children’s rooms – complete the Prestige range at the upper end of the collection.

Hobby Landhaus
The Hobby Landhaus, the interior of which has been fully redesigned, is characterised by quality furnishings in rustic oak with the new models featuring the oak décor “Sonoma” light and dark. The Landaus is available in the versions 770 CL and 770 CFf. Both models offer a huge couch seating group, type 770 CL comes with single beds, type 770 CFf with a wide queen-sized bed. The exceptional spaciousness, an attractive benefit offered by both versions of the legendary static caravan, is expanded further for the 2014 season with the new Hobby bathroom. The exemplary bath and toilet area is distinguished by the fact that the wash/WC room and shower room are separate from one another which means they can also be used separately.

Hobby Premium
This multi-award winning series stands for modern, contemporary design in the caravan industry and the automotive designs of the Premium have defined caravanning trends in recent years. The Premium interior impresses with an elegant yacht-style design with highly polished magnolia fronts and wood shades in “Ashai ash”. This elegant upper segment caravan begins its third season, the 2014 season, with 12 versions. The new model 660 WFU suits the luxurious Premium range particularly well. This floor plan offers a round seating group in the front and bedroom with French double bed in the rear half of the vehicle. However, the highlight is the huge bathroom which assumes the complete rear area – no other caravan bathroom offers greater freedom of movement! With a width of 2.5 m, the Premium 660 WFU does, of course, also offer the best conditions for this unique comfort solution.
Entry into the Hobby upper segment is with the 1,600 kilogram Premium 460 UFe. The biggest model of the Premium series is the tandem axis vehicle 720 UML with 2,300 kilos total weight. The exceptionally spacious static caravan which offers a great deal of freedom of movement is furnished with a central side seating group as well as a large round seating group.

Comprehensive and high quality fittings and modern technology
For the 2014 season, the Hobby design engineers completed a considerable amount of detail work. This includes the weight optimisation of the De Luxe easy models the chassis of which were also adapted – a measure which contributed to a reduction of the kerb weight and, with this, a greater vehicle load capacity and an improvement in the driving quality. A great love of detail can also be seen in the interior design – for example new handles and the end elements of numerous built-in units.

The De Luxe, Excellent and Prestige series have been considerably enhanced with their totally new enclosed front construction: the new substructure out of polyurethane mouldings improves insulation values, prevents cold bridges and is also moisture resistant. A further benefit is the greater stability achieved despite the reduction in weight. The front and rear cladding out of shockproof ABS plastic give the new Hobby generation a modern finish.

A very special technical highlight is undoubtedly the new LCD operating panel which Hobby offers as an option (series standard in the Premium). If the LCD display is connected with the WLAN module, also available as optional extra, all functions of the light control system and CI-BUS can even be operated and controlled without wires with a WLAN compatible device (smartphone, tablet or notebook).

As can the warm water heating from Alde and the new roof air conditioning Freshjet from Dometic. This is available from the 2014 season in two versions: the Freshjet 1700 is fitted in the models up to 540 and the Freshjet 2200 in the models from the 545. The air conditioning, which is based on compression technology, is highly efficient yet light and compact which makes it the ideal solution for caravans. A further benefit: the Freshjet not only cools but also reduces the humidity in the caravan and, as it is connected with the on board CI-BUS, it can also be easily set via the Hobby LCD operating panel.

It couldn’t be any more comfortable! The operating panel and light switches have also been designed in a new colour with a significantly improved surface. The new switches are now available in three versions – as individual, dual or triple switches.

The awning of all models now also features an energy saving LED light for extra lighting and the sophisticated ambient lighting of the Excellent, Prestige, Landhaus and Premium series is also based on LED technology.

The new caravans are, with only a few exceptions, fitted with the 140 litre capacity Dometic refrigerator Slim Tower developed exclusively by Hobby.

In addition, all models feature Hobby’s typically comprehensive fittings already ex works which include high quality accessories such as WS 3000 Winterhoff anti-snaking coupling, elaborately fitted kitchens, comfortable bathrooms with modern Thetford cassette toilets, Truma hot water heaters, BUS controlled light systems and much more.

Offering a great deal for your money

A fully fitted caravan is available at Hobby with the new De Luxe easy 400 TB from only 12,250 euros with luxury on wheels offered by the Hobby Landhaus or Premium 720 UML for a reasonable 27,740 and 27,430 euros. Young families, meanwhile, will find a caravan with children’s room for only 15,850 euros with the 490 KMF De Luxe easy. In between these models, all caravaners are sure to find the right vehicle to suit their individual needs and at a reasonable price as nothing has changed concerning Hobby’s great value for money. Quite the opposite in fact: many high quality details have been added right across the ranges and, with this, Hobby customers will get even more for their money in the coming season.

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