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Hobby 2014 - new motorhomes

Hobby motorhomes 2014

The new Hobby Siesta – extensive model diversity at excellent value for money

Hobby has fully reworked its successful Siesta series and is launching the 2014 season with twelve different models ranging from vans which are also suitable for city driving and comfortable semi-integrated vehicles to family friendly alcove models.

Exactly a year ago, Hobby set new standards in design with its elegant motorhomes of the Premium Van and Premium Drive series. This year the design engineers have focussed on the reorientation of the proven Siesta entry series and this has, under the leadership of Hobby managing director Klaus Dieter Böcker, led to twelve very different models which are orientated towards the special travel needs of clearly defined target groups.

Three individual types

The new Hobby Siesta is available in three vehicle versions – as van, semi-integrated and alcove model. Each category is distinguished by its own individual features and benefits.

The two vans (60 GF and 65 GE) are, with a width of only 2.18 m, amongst the ultra slim motorhomes which ensures relaxed, stress-free driving even on narrow roads and in big cities. This makes both Siesta vans the ideal travel companions for couples who also like to stop off at big cities during their trips. The 60 GF comes with a double bed, the 65 GE with longitudinal beds and both feature a spacious rear garage.

The semi-integrated models are, with six vehicles, the strongest group in the Siesta range. Vehicle length ranges from 6.24 to 7 metres and, with a width of 2.34 m, they also offer more interior space than the slimmer vans. Floor plans range from versions with fixed double and single beds to vehicles with a foldaway bed (T65 HFL) or queen bed (T60 GQ and T70 GQ).

The semi-integrated models are, similar to the vans, primarily tailored to suit the travel needs of couples with the exception of the T65 HFL which offers four sleeping spaces thanks to a foldaway bed.

The four alcove models complete the Siesta series with family friendly floor plans which, with the exception of the compact Siesta A55 GS Sport, all offer at least four sleeping spaces as series standard. The A65 GM Family model underlines its claim as the ultimate family motorhome with, amongst other things, practical bunk beds for children which are only available in the Siesta series ex works in this type. Even with six passengers, it won’t exceed the 3.5 tons technically authorised total weight.

The Alcove A55 GS Sport plays a special role in the new Siesta range. Here, as with the other models, the name sums it up as “Sport” stands for an active and sporty holiday and the dimensions, features and fittings of the Siesta Sport are geared towards people who like to pursue their sporty hobbies during their holidays and leisure time. The A55 GS Siesta Sport offers outdoor sports enthusiasts such as mountain bikers, kite surfers, fishers and divers the ideal holiday and leisure vehicle.

The five and a half metre short alcove vehicle is not only exceptionally manoeuvrable which makes it perfect for driving along narrow winding roads to remote spots but it is also an excellent transporter for all the sports equipment. The huge rear garage with a volume of up to 3,260 litres and the 1,300 by 560 mm hatch effortlessly stores all the necessary equipment for two divers or two complete mountain bikes.

As a result, the Hobby Siesta A55 GS Sport offers costly leisure and sporting equipment maximum security and protection against the weather, dirt and thieves.

The Siesta Sport A55 GS also features lashing rails as a series standard mounted at three different heights on the inside rear wall and the removable bed which

comes as a series standard fitting as well as the further optional bed can be placed on this. This offers a flexible extra bed as a fourth sleeping space in addition to the series standard bed at half the garage height.

A particularly well thought out innovation is that both beds come in multiple parts and can be folded away if required.

Equally practical is the outside shower installed in the garage (optional accessories) for the easy cleaning of sports equipment. The coloured front end and fresh upholstery fabric “Laguna” add the final sporty touches to the A55 GS.

Proven basis

The front wheel drive Fiat Ducato with low frame chassis is the basis vehicle for all new Siesta models with a choice of three diesel types with 115, 130 and 148 hp. The Hobby design engineers paid special attention to large storage spaces and high vehicle load capacity. In the Van V60 GF, this is approximately 850 kilograms – an exceptional amount not only in this vehicle category! With the exception of the A55 GS Sport and V60 GF, all Siesta models have rear lowering – a clever solution which enables maximum garage sizes. All Siesta models are designed with a total weight of 3.5 tons although a maxi chassis is also available in this series as a special request (depending on model). Hobby uses low frame chassis with 3,450, 3,800 and 4,035 mm wheel base with wide track – the Fiat low frame only features a narrow track in the slimmer vans.

New construction and features
Besides spacious rear garages and high vehicle load capacity, the Siesta series offers further practical, great value innovations. The roofs and underfloors of all models are coated with glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). Thanks to this construction type, the roofs of all the new Siesta models are considerably quieter than the aluminium covered roofs when it rains and this also offers effective protection against hailstorms.

The GRP coated floors are not only abrasion resistant but also withstand moisture and are rot proof. This also applies to the floor element of the rear lowering which is also coated with GRP.

The construction highlights of the series include the newly developed and patented thermo functional floor HobbyTherm®. The 65 mm thick excellent insulating XPS sandwich construction integrates the hot air technology including the supply and disposal lines and the connected floor heating is a desired as well as very agreeable side effect!

With an interior height of 1.98 metres in the vans and semi-integrated vehicles as well as 2.15 metres in the alcove models, even taller people needn’t worry about hitting their heads. The alcoves also offer plenty of upper space as their headroom is a generous 675 mm. The spacious beds of 2,100 x 1,600 mm and the alcove heating which can be regulated separately make this upper area a comfortable and cosy bedroom for both adults and children.

The garages with a series of comfort features, offer a further highlight. The large storage compartments can be heated which ensures that any damp stored luggage quickly dries. Furthermore, the plastic coating of the garages is robust and easy to clean whilst additional shelves and adjustable eyelets for fixing belts ensure that all holiday luggage is transported securely and orderly. Especially beneficial: in some models the living area and garage are joined together via an inner door which means that passengers don’t have to step outside to get to the outer storage room in bad weather.

Modern technology and fittings
The complete outer and living area lighting of all Siesta models is based on energy saving LED technology. Five of the six semi-integrated models feature the 140 litre capacity Slim Tower fridge from Dometic which has been developed exclusively by Hobby. All other Siesta models have the RMS 8500 fridge, also by Dometic, with a gross capacity of 96 litres.

Heat and hot water on board the new Siesta series is provided by the efficient gas heaters by Truma. Well positioned hot air lines and air outlets in the individual rooms (including in the bath, living and bed rooms, garage and alcoves) ensure optimum distribution of the heat throughout the whole vehicle. The vans feature the Combi 4 and the semi-integrated and alcove models the Combi 6 from Truma. Both feature a 10 litre boiler and can be easily controlled by means of the new digital Truma LCD operating panel Combi CP Plus.

The seven lighting levels are controlled by a separate operating panel at the entrance and a separate display which can also be used to switch the music system on and off indicates the level of the fresh and waste water tank. All new Siesta models may also be fitted with the high quality CD tuner Kenwood KDC-3251RY as option.

The interior of the Siesta motorhomes feature predominately light shades – furniture fronts are in a “Light maple” wood décor with contrasting “Dark maple” applications. The upholstery “Cocoa” and floor in subtle “Akira grey” additionally underlines the clear design of the Siesta furnishings.

Great value for money
Prices for the Hobby Siesta start from only 39,990 euros and go up to 47,900 euros – offering value for money which can hardly be beaten in this motorhome category.
All Siesta models are supplied with comprehensive fittings already ex works with many beneficial extras available upon request.

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