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New Solar Panel Series: ApolloFLEX Mono

107 Watt Panel

Euro-Line Solar, an Importer and Distributor of solar panels for the leisure industry has developed and is now launching the new ApolloFLEX Mono solar panel range in Europe. The ApolloFLEX Mono boasts the highest power output of similar thin (3 mm) panels using SunPower® back contact monocrystalline solar cells. These panels are very light weight (1 Kg - 2.8 Kg) and can be glued directly onto Caravan, Motorhome and Conversion Van Roofs and on Yacht and Boat decks.

Berlin, Germany, 01.August.2013 - Euro-Line Solar has been marketing solar and small wind technology to the European market since 2001 providing solar panels and small wind generator charging solutions for 12 and 24 Volt battery charging. The company is now launching the newest and most innovative solar panel for the motorhome, caravan and marine markets, the ApolloFLEX Mono series.

The solar module is manufactured in Germany using the most efficient cells available today on the market in order to provide the most power output in the smallest space. The backplate is a hard glass laminate and there is no aluminum framing, which helps reduce the weight significantly. The 107 Watt panel weighs only 2.8 Kg which saves up to 80% weight in comparison to traditional solar modules. This is a great benefit for the Motorhomes, Caravans and Boats being built today which use only the latest and lightest building materials in their design. As an example, a 200 Watt system of ApolloFLEX Mono modules installed on a Motorhome would save over 20 Kg in comparison to standard glass modules.

The hard glass laminate is only 1 mm in height and allows the solar panels to be adhered to curved surfaces such as alcoves on Motorhomes or on the curved decks of boats. There are no heavy spoilers or mounting brackets required to fasten the panel onto a roof. This saves additional weight and removes any wind load, thereby saving on vehicle fuel costs as well. Weight and energy savings go hand in hand in designing a state-of-the-art motorhome or boat.

The outer surface of the ApolloFLEX Mono is made of ETFE, a very tough composite material. Once the ApolloFLEX Mono is mounted, it is very durable and non-breakable and can even be walked on, an important benefit for the marine market. The added benefit is that the panel cannot be subject to theft, whereas other panels can simply be removed using a screwdriver.

To learn more about the ApolloFLEX Mono, visit the website at or contact us directly at (+49) 30 - 609 22 695.

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