QUQUQ Camping Box

QUQUQ – The 1-Minute-Mini-Motorhome

The QUQUQ campingbox in action

The Quickest Way to Transform a Station Wagon into a Camper:

In 2013 the QUQUQ Camping Box was recently presented for the first time in Düsseldorf at the 'Caravan Salon'. The module is truly a novelty: it unites all the essential functions of a motorhome in one single box! The QUQUQ contains a comfortable bed, a kitchen with a cooker, a water supply and storage space, and can easily be loaded in the trunk. The transformation from mini van or station wagon to camper takes only a minute.

The QUQUQ is loaded with many convenient and handy features. Hungry? The kitchen is immediately ready for use – just open the front panel and pull out the cooker drawer. The QUQUQ furnishes a two-burner stove, five gallons of water, two bowls, and storage space with a tabletop workspace. Tired? The highlight of the Camping Box is its accordion-style folding bed which is suspended by ropes and simply hooked into the seatbelt holders. In a few seconds the bed for two with its comfortable cold foam mattress is neatly in place.

The greatest advantage is obvious: now there is no need to buy a big, expensive motorhome. The QUQUQ Campingbox is compatible with 17 different car models with no extra vehicle setup. After holidays or weekend trip, simply take the QUQUQ out of the trunk, and your vehicle is immediately ready for weekday use. The QUQUQ is the only quick and compact product of its kind available in the market.

Handmade by skilled German craftsmen, the QUQUQ is lightweight and constructed with sturdy, long-lasting materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, and waterproof plywood guarantee its long-term functionality. At the same time modern technologies such as the CNC support the preproduction and guarantee its high precision quality.

Whether for the urban sports fan or the independent traveller, QUQUQ is a smart, economic, and ecological alternative to a conventional motorhome. And it makes travelling easy, free, and flexible.

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