SOG®-Box - simple extractor fan unit for interior use


The SOG® Box was developed with the aim of creating a closed, mobile and uncomplicated extractor fan system that can be connected to toilets without the need to evacuate waste air to the exterior.

This is made possible by a high performance air filter system which cleans the contaminated air and releases it back into the same environment.

This new unit is also fitted with a stand-alone power supply: an integrated battery which offers a very long service life and therefore does not have to be connected to a power network for hours. A charger is supplied with the unit.

The system is of particular interest because it can be retrofitted to camping toilets used in permanent camping facilities, e.g. for use inside caravans.

A further field of application are holiday homes or garden sheds or arbours with mobile toilets where there is normally no power available.

All of these applications are characterised by limited space where it is important to tackle unpleasant odours from toilets.

As with all SOG® systems, installation of the SOG® box means the contents of the cassette can disposed of easily since toilets can be used without chemicals.

There is no need to use chemicals harmful to the environment and the quality of indoor air is improved significantly.

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