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The new Truma manoeuvring systems: eXTremely superior

The new Mover XT

Truma is launching a new generation of manoeuvring systems that set completely new standards in terms of weight, manoeuvring precision and the operating concept: The Mover® XT for single axle and the Mover® XT2 for two-axle caravans.

Up to 20 kg in weight saved
The new Truma Mover® clearly stands out thanks to its weight: The extremely efficient high-tech motors allow weight savings of up to 20 kg. "We are the first manufacturer to use brushless DC motors in our Movers®. This means we can significantly improve the efficiency and need a much lower battery capacity of 38 Ah", explains product manager Philipp Wegmann.

More driving enjoyment and manoeuvring precision than ever before
The new Mover® XT also stands out in terms of driving enjoyment and manoeuvring precision. The Truma Dynamic Move Technology® allows extremely precise directional stability even when the ground is uneven or if the stabiliser wheel is askew. This allows the caravan to move straight ahead like on rails and easily overcome any obstacles without drifting to one side. Another advantage: The new Mover® XT can be steplessly steered and accelerated. "This means the user can manoeuvre unbelievably easily and precisely in a soft, jolt-free manner.“ More driving enjoyment than ever before – guaranteed!

Innovative operating concept
The remote control of the Truma Mover® XT is also completely new. "We have now separated the steering and accelerating functions. A control knob is used for steering and a slide control is used to control the speed," says Wegmann. The innovative operating concept ensures maximum manoeuvring precision. Another advantage: The new remote control can be used intuitively because it is aligned practically to the direction of movement of the caravan nose.

Safety through quality "Made in Germany"
The Truma quality "Made in Germany" ensures that the new manoeuvring systems – like all other Movers® – are 100% safe and reliable. Microprocessors permanently monitor the devices guaranteeing absolute safety, for instance when manoeuvring up or downhill. Also, the Movers® will stop immediately when the user lets go of the remote control – even on slopes.

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