Dream Tours 2022

With the Camper on the Panamericana - Stranded in Costa Rica

Photo: Motorhome on the beach with palm trees, © Janette Emerich
Photo: Motorhomes in front of snow-covered mountains, © Janette Emerich
Photo: People harvesting cucumbers with camper vans in the background, © Janette Emerich

Janette Emerich

Panamericana in times of the pandemic - From Costa Rica to Mexico

Photo: Flamingos, © Janette Emerich
Photo: Motorhomes against an impressive mountain backdrop, © Janette Emerich
Bild: Photo: Lake with mountain range in the background, © Janette Emerich

Janette Emerich

France - from the Loire to the Atlantic by motorhome

Photo: French village from a bird's eye view, © Janette Emerich
Photo: Motorhome in a wine region, © Janette Emerich
Photo: Beynac-et-Cazenac in the sunshine, © Janette Emerich

Janette Emerich

Dream destination North Cape - By motorhome through the land of fjords

Photo: Nature in Norway, © Kostya Abert
Photo: Northern Lights, © Kostya Abert
Photo: Fjord in Norway, © Kostya Abert

Kostya Abert

The Perfect Hibernation - The New Dream Destination Incense Road

Photo: Rock buildings in the desert, © Kostya Abert
Photo: Camper above the clouds, © Kostya Abert
Photo: Sunset in the desert, © Kostya Abert

Kostya Abert

Mexico - much more than Tabasco and tequila

Photo: Colourful houses, © Uwe Hamm
Photo: Camper behind cactus, © Uwe Hamm
Photo: Temple in the jungle, © Uwe Hamm

Uwe Hamm

Foto: AdobeStock_294851429