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Caravans: current trends and developments

Caravan manufacturers offer a wider range of different models and equipment variants than ever before. Caravan companies have made a lot of progress in recent years, especially when it comes to design. Technical innovations make it possible to create modern and attractive trailer exteriors.

Special technologies also enable easy manoeuvring of the tow vehicle and trailer. Customers and caravan suppliers also attach great importance to comfortable equipment. You should want for nothing when travelling with your caravan! The manufacturers of caravans and motor caravans use robust materials to ensure that the trailers can withstand any weather. Of course, the safety of people and vehicles is always at the centre of development. Come to CARAVAN SALON for inspiration and further advice!

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In German, the English word Caravan is used for a trailer in which you can live. The trailer does not have its own drive and therefore always requires a towing vehicle. Whether it is a fold-down caravan with aerodynamic properties or a flat folding or tent trailer is of secondary importance.
Caravans have been manufactured in Germany since the 1920s. The caravan is still generally a single-axle vehicle - but there are of course many different sub-categories. In addition to the classic caravans, at CARAVAN SALON you will see fold-down caravans that are designed so that you can use your vehicle's interior mirror while driving. Fold-down -and tent caravans consist of a trailer with a fold-out tent and, of course, the necessary comfort. Sport and recreational trailers are also shown by the various caravan manufacturers.

The CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf is the world's leading trade fair for the caravanning industry - this is where various caravan manufacturers exhibit their new collections. The exhibitors come together from various countries such as Germany, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia and many other countries to present their exhibits.

Leisure enthusiasts, caravan enthusiasts and motorhome enthusiasts can marvel at new products from manufacturers of caravans, fold-down caravans, off-road trailers, tent trailers and much more at the caravanning trade fair. Let the exhibiting companies explain to you what is currently in vogue in terms of safety and comfort. Or simply take a look at the designs currently favoured by caravan manufacturers. Nowhere else will you see so many caravans and trailers as in the halls of the CARAVAN SALON!

This product category is also of interest to companies and suppliers that sell caravans internationally, make them available for hire or offer components for caravans.

At CARAVAN SALON, you will also discover exhibitors specialising in installations, heating, gas and water for caravans and other vehicles or other caravanning and camping equipment. You will also find other types of vehicles for mobile travelling such as motor caravans and basic vehicles in our other product categories.