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There are a variety of motorhomes for caravanning. Likewise, there are numerous manufacturers for motorhomes and companies that specialise in different types of cabins. Here we present manufacturers for motorhomes who exhibit their vehicles at CARAVAN SALON. The product category "Motorhomes" comprises more than 150 exhibitors and is therefore the largest product category at the world's leading trade fair for the caravanning industry.

The most important areas that belong to motorhomes are the panel vans and the alcove motorhomes. In addition, a range of semi-integrated motorhomes and fully integrated motorhomes will also be presented at the caravanning fair.

Other manufacturers will also be exhibiting drop-off cabins and interchangeable cabins for pick-ups and platform trucks. But also manufacturers for camper trailers and camper semi-trailers are represented in this product category of the CARAVAN SALON, as well as camper manufacturers producing other vehicles.

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Difference between motorhomes and caravans

In the world of mobile living, there are various options for travellers and camping enthusiasts. From motorhomes to caravans to camper vans and mobile homes, there are numerous alternatives available. Each of these forms of housing offers its own benefits and functionalities to suit individual needs and preferences. Here we will briefly highlight the differences between camper vans and caravans, and camper vans and mobile homes. We will look at the mode of transport, the functionalities, the living space and the flexibility of the different types of housing. Whether one is looking for a mobile vehicle for travel, a stationary home on a campsite or a permanent residence, a closer look at these options will help decide which model best suits one's needs.

A motorhome is a self-propelled vehicle that can be used for both transportation and living. It contains sleeping accommodations, a kitchen and often a bathroom.

A caravan, on the other hand, is a trailer that is towed by a towing vehicle and functions exclusively as a living space. It offers similar features to a camper van, but requires a separate towing vehicle.

A camper van, on the other hand, is a compact vehicle that offers both transport and living facilities. It is smaller than a camper van, but offers similar features such as a kitchen and sleeping accommodations.

Basic vehicles are the underlying vehicles on which mobile homes or camper vans are built, such as vans, delivery vans or truck chassis.

Mobile homes are permanent living structures, usually placed on permanent sites or in specially designated residential areas, which do not have their own means of propulsion.

All vehicle types will of course be represented at the CARAVAN SALON. Manufacturers for caravans and trailers are listed in product category 01. Exhibitors for basic vehicles are represented in product category 03 and manufacturers for mobile homes in product category 04.