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Mobile homes make it possible to realize living dreams that would otherwise not be possible due to building regulations. As a temporary or permanent home on the campsite, they are pleasant vacation homes and often exude a luxurious vacation feeling. 
Manufacturers from the tiny house sector often produce mobile homes. Those who build log cabins, garden saunas and small wooden buildings in individual designs usually also have one or two mobile homes in their range. German and European mobile home manufacturers deliver outstanding quality, and the mobile living units are generally not lacking in luxury. But there is one thing that mobile homes are no longer: once they have been built by the mobile home provider and transported to their destination, they are no longer mobile. They are located where you like it best: on a campsite in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia or the Netherlands. Campers and long-term campers who want to enjoy their time individually and independently with their own four walls at their vacation destination are well advised to choose a mobile home. 

Freelancers and the self-employed, who sometimes need a place to retreat to for work, feel at home here. It is always amazing how much living comfort can be accommodated in such a small space! Mobile home manufacturers are impressively creative when it comes to the perfect use of space. In this respect, the mobile home is not only close to the tiny house, but can actually inspire caravan manufacturers.

What exactly are mobile homes in general?

Mobile homes are small living units that are mounted on a chassis and can be moved around. However, they are not designed for permanent travel in terms of safety, aerodynamics or stability. They are not licensed for road use. The mobile base is used to transport the mobile home from the provider to its destination. The small residential units are then permanently installed - sometimes they are also referred to as camping homes or similar. They are usually fully equipped with living areas, bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Visit CARAVAN SALON and get some inspiration! Mobile homes are a permanent home where others go on vacation. This is your own vacation home - on the campsite in a mobile home park.

Products that fall into the category of mobile homes are caravans. Fold-down caravans are another subcategory. You will also find tent caravans among the mobile homes. If you are looking for off-road and cross-country trailers, you will also find these at CARAVAN SALON. And of course you will also find sport and recreational trailers among the mobile homes.

At CARAVAN SALON you can also see what the exhibitors have to offer in terms of detachable parts and components for caravans and motor caravans, installations / heating / gas / water and power supply / electrical installation / electrical appliances. You can discover caravanning / camping equipment, tents and much more! Exhibitors for caravans / trailers, motorhomes and basic vehicles are represented as well as manufacturers of vehicle parts / chassis units / axles /trailer equipment.

Mobile homes: Current trends and developments 

CARAVAN SALON shows time and again just how agile the industry really is. Trends and tendencies that are only just beginning to emerge in other areas or are only implemented with difficulty and faltering, can sometimes be realized more easily in the mobile living sector. The ever-improving options for insulating small mobile homes are reducing energy consumption, making the residential units quieter and therefore even more comfortable.

Living should become increasingly sustainable and energy-efficient. Building in wood is currently a trend in mobile homes, and the materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Energy efficiency is also playing an increasingly important role. Complete self-sufficiency is still a problem for larger properties - this can easily be achieved with mobile homes. Even caravans have long been able to cover their own electricity requirements using intelligent photovoltaic technologies. Mobile home manufacturers are now also installing smart home technologies - this promises even more comfort and sustainability.

Another trend that we have observed at CARAVAN SALON in recent years is a shift in target groups. Mobile home providers have long appealed to people who want to use the lightweight, small living solution for permanent living. These people now come from all age groups. Special living solutions for senior citizens and designs that specifically appeal to millennials are therefore no longer a rarity. Mobile homes are now as individual as the people who can afford them - we see an impressive variety!

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