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Mobile living places high demands: How do you accommodate installations from gas to heating and water as compactly as possible? How do you manage installation for drinking water preparation in the smallest possible space, always relying on tanks, which in turn require space? Camping outfitters have to come up with a few ideas to ensure that the motorhome equipment disappears discreetly behind panelling while offering maximum comfort and leaving campers as much space as possible. Fittings (gas) and fittings (water) must be easy to operate on the one hand and space-saving on the other. After all, that's exactly what mobile homes, caravans and motorhomes are all about: comfort in a small space to create a holiday feeling and allow people to relax. Every year, CARAVAN SALON shows how impressively compact and cleverly concealed motorhome equipment can be. Be enchanted by the creative ideas and innovative technologies presented by camping outfitters from Germany, Scandinavia, Southern Europe and all over the world at CARAVAN SALON!

Of course, at CARAVAN SALON you can also explore the latest caravan models, take a look at motor caravans and discover what mobile homes suppliers have come up with this year. Did you know that you can also hire caravans? Get to know the possibilities of temporary mobile living and let rental agents introduce themselves!

What exactly are camping outfitters in general?

Camping outfitters are companies that specialise in motorhome outfitting. Caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes basically consist of a chassis, i.e. a chassis on which the base plate of the mobile living unit is mounted. It is important to use robust materials that have exactly the right load-bearing capacity without being too heavy themselves. Then come the walls and roof, followed by the actual fittings. Mobile living should provide the same level of comfort that you are used to at home: You want to have hot water, your mobile home should be heatable, and both the heating system and the water supply must be manageable via easy-to-use taps. This type of motorhome equipment can be converted or retrofitted. Of course, the installations for gas, heating and water are already included in a ready-to-use caravan or motorhome. But as a buyer, you naturally have the option of treating yourself to individual comfort and having the equipment personalised. CARAVAN SALON shows you which fittings are currently on offer from camping equipment suppliers. In addition to the look, the feel is also important here. Design and function must come together to form a harmonious whole. Camping outfitters present their various heating systems / heaters at CARAVAN SALON. In addition to air conditioning, there is always the option of heating with gas. Gas tanks and gas cylinders with different capacities disappear more or less effortlessly behind panelling. 

Control instruments are particularly important at the moment. Smart home technologies have also been available in the mobile living sector for some time now. Let CARAVAN SALON show you the possibilities of your smart, energy self-sufficient mobile living unit! And of course you will also see water pumps, hoses / pipes / threaded joints at CARAVAN SALON. These are important as basic components - many of our exhibitors offer individual components and spare parts for their own creative solutions over many years.

Camping equipment: current trends and developments 

 Installations are so fundamental that people rarely really think about them. Nevertheless, innovative designs and the demand for comfort are also finding their way into the mobile living sector. Comfortable furnishings ensure a cosy living experience. For some time now, camping outfitters have discovered senior citizens and millennials as a target group. They are picking up on the themes of these age-specific prospective customers and taking their individual requirements in terms of design and function into account in their innovative installation solutions.

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