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Life in nature and on the road may be simpler than at home, but you still don't have to go without equipment entirely. Camping equipment suppliers go to great lengths to ensure you have everything you need for a certain level of comfort in everyday life. Lightweight, collapsible, and stackable camping tables and chairs, portable lamps and lanterns, as well as cooking stations allow you to enjoy a nourishing meal in pleasant surroundings and the appropriate coziness even while traveling light. Manufacturers of camping equipment from Germany, Northern Europe, and the USA specialize in water purifiers, robust yet lightweight accessories, multifunctional mobile furniture, and other focal points. With the right equipment, your camping vacation will be very relaxing!

At the CARAVAN SALON, we have gathered various camping equipment manufacturers with their innovations, technical novelties, compelling designs, and, most importantly, their best-selling items for you. Let yourself be inspired! See at the CARAVAN SALON how aesthetically pleasing and functional camping plates and cutlery can be. Get advice on which camping hot plates, gas grills / electric grills / grill cutlery best suit your needs. Learn everything you need to know about water purification on the go and take a look at the corresponding canisters as well! Don't forget about camping lights and lamps provide the right atmosphere on dark days and in the evenings.

Camping vacations have nothing to do with minimalism or deprivation. Camping equipment manufacturers know this. Especially camping-interested millennials are design-conscious and have high expectations even for simple everyday items. From young singles to couples and families to permanent campers in their senior years, camping equipment suppliers offer the appropriate furniture and equipment in their product range. You should feel comfortable and relaxed on your vacation - so feel free to be choosy when putting together your equipment.

The CARAVAN SALON offers manufacturers the opportunity to present their products comprehensively and in context. At the same time, you have the opportunity to ask your questions. Let them explain what each material can do, why one design may be better than another, and what advantages and disadvantages the different solutions have. Lightweight, space-saving, particularly robust, comfortable, multifunctional, or all of the above - there is a suitable solution from the camping equipment supplier for every requirement.

Some solutions only become apparent within context. See at the CARAVAN SALON how current caravans / trailers, motor caravans, and mobile homes are constructed. Learn about the innovations in installations / heating / gas / water and energy supply / electrical installation / electrical appliances. How much space do tents offer? And what do outdoor / camping rental companies offer? The CARAVAN SALON is your chance to learn all of this in one place.

What exactly do camping equipment suppliers do in general?

Camping equipment manufacturers take care of everything needed for your camping vacation. You relax on durable, space-saving, and easy-to-maintain camping chairs. Compact stowable tables, which are nevertheless sturdy and weather-resistant, invite you to meals outdoors. Loungers and sunshades, awnings as shade providers and sun protection, as well as details such as pots, pans, bowls, cutlery, and crockery are needed on camping vacations. Camping equipment suppliers always strive to find the right balance between robust, durable materials, a functional and aesthetic product, and the required economy in terms of weight and space.

Being outdoors, at home, peacefulness, and closeness to nature - that's one aspect of camping. Associated with it is minimalist equipment that allows you to dismantle your tents in no time and move on when you feel like it (literally). This requires lightweight, mobile, and quickly stowable equipment. The art for camping equipment manufacturers is to design this equipment in a way that allows you to relax and feel fully provided for just like at home. Camping equipment suppliers equip you with everything you need for a deprivation-free and yet literally light life on the go.

Camping Equipment Suppliers: Current Trends and Developments

At the CARAVAN SALON, we strive to show you the widest possible selection of different models and equipment for every requirement. Currently, innovative designs that combine life in simple conditions with the demand for modern and, above all, high-quality aesthetics are very popular. For it to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible on the road, camping equipment must be comfortable.

Modern materials, some of which come from the research labs of space and/or military, are commonly used in camping and outdoor areas. They typically combine the qualities that are in demand here: robustness and durability despite low weight. Of course, camping equipment manufacturers also ensure to provide you with high safety standards.

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