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The company TimeMAX is a leading German company in the field of corrosion protection for new and used vehicles of all kinds. In our workshop in Hamburg we can work on motorhomes, expedition vehicels, trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles and of course classic cars.

Our self-developed rust protection grease for cavity protection is multiple test winner. Our other anti-rust products are also designed to significantly extend the life of your vehicle. Depending on the field of application, the use and history of your vehicle, we combine our TimeMAX products to achieve the best possible protection. For this purpose, we examine the respective condition of the body according to a very specific standard (the so-called "1st diagnosis": https://timemax.de/timemax-rostschutz/die-erste-diagnose ).

TimeMAX's long-term anti-rust protection saves expensive bodywork repairs and gives you the chance to spend a lot of time with the car. The sale also pays, if the vehicle no longer fits. In addition to our long-term antirust protection, TimeMAX performs all the bodywork and restoration work required to maintain the value of an automobile. Again, we have won prizes. We also do dry ice cleaning to gently remove soiling or old underbody coatings (eg. waxes) from the intact subfloor.

Again and again we are asked if there are authorized processing stations of TimeMAX in southern Germany, in Austria or in Switzerland. Our answer is always the same: No, unfortunately there is no such thing!

Although there are now many workshops that buy and use our products, we would like to point out once again that we have no influence on the quality of the workmanship. So that we do not misunderstand ourselves here: We do not want to talk bad about work of other workshops. But from the distance we have no way to check whether our system is used correctly.

In addition, we do not pass on the main processing details of the system: In order to protect the vehicles as well as possible, you need in addition to the experience and in-depth knowledge of the structure and condition of the bodies. For the most common vehicle models and also for many exotics we have worked over years of elaborate treatment plans. 14 years after the company was founded, our database now comprises just about 2,000 vehicles (as of June 2018). Complicated and divided into several chambers, cavities are examined endoscopically.

As before, it is like this: If you want to be sure that our system is used correctly, you should make your way to Hamburg-Wandsbek! 

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