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NDS Energy S.r.l.

Via G. Pascoli, 169, 65010 Cappelle Sul Tavo (PE)
Telephone +39 085 4470396
Fax +39 085 9507049

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand E56

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 fairground map: Hall 13

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Product category: Batteries

3LION LITHIUM BATTERY - The hyper battery

3LION is an innovative line of NDS batteries built with the reliable technology Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) that combined with the integrated BMS and 3Link (BMS Manager) system provides the best performance for services. NDS did not want to design and build a conventional lithium battery, but an energy system evolved with its own BMS multi function, with unique characteristics, implementing a really innovative use and benefits. 3LION only communicates with 3Link, which becomes the heart of the energy system. All the positives in the system of the vehicle, Engine Battery, 3LION Battery and all utilities, in order to be easy on the electrical system, are connected to 3Link that acts as BMS manager.
This kit, 3LION with 3Link, allows a better management of the charge during the journey from the alternator, getting the maximum current, up to 75A(according to the alternator) and reducing the charging time, allowing more exibility during the stops. Once the engine is switched o , the service battery 3LION will be able, through the BMS manager (3Link) to supply current for all the passengers on board, lights, heating, coffee machines, etc… The LiFePO4 technology used for 3LION, contrary to the conventional Li-Ion or LiPo, is extremely safe and reliable over time thanks to its particular features. The BMS Manager (3Link) interacts with a touch screen display (optional) that shows all the available information about the battery status, the charging systems and the on-board consumption.

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Product category: Batteries


Non-stop research led NDS technicians to create in 2000 the GREENPOWER, an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery for gas (VRLA) recombination for specific use in services or leisure vehicles.
GREENPOWER The LONG LIFE oxygen-recombination service battery with slow discharge.

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Product category: Batteries


BATTERYSAVER, is an automatic battery switch-off which constantly monitors the battery voltage, disconnecting it from any utility in case it goes below the critical 11V threshold.
It thus protects the battery against any efficiency loss or fatal damage due to deep discharges.
It also has a “Manual” mode button which allows to disconnect all the utilities in any moment. Therefore, manual restart is possible or automatic reset through a charging source (e.g.: alternator, 230V charger or solar panel).
Remember that each time your battery goes below the critical 11V threshold, its life is drastically reduced.

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