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Jun 17, 2019

New order for AIRTUNE in caravan-industry

AIRTUNE develops continuous odour removal solution for Bürstner GmbH & Co. KG

Siegen, November 2018. AIRTUNE uses its long-standing know-how in the field of odour removal and
device building to develop a special odour removal system for leisure vehicles from Bürstner GmbH &
Co. KG.

Bürstner GmbH & Co. KG, part of Erwin Hymer Group, is now using the innovative odour removal
technologie from AIRTUNE. As a result of a successful development contract Bürstner now uses the
AIRTUNE technology as standard in some of its caravan series. „The aim of this cooperation is to fit as
many leisure vehicles as possible ex works with the new odour removal solution from AIRTUNE.“
Markus Pangerl, product manager at Bürstner, says. „The development of a new solution for caravans
and motor homes was very ambitious.“, Alexander Schilling, Managing Director of AIRTUNE, comments
the new cooperation. „The vehicles not only come with an advanced car interior but also with sleeping
berths, sanitary facilities and kitchen. So there are many potential odour sources in a very confined

AIRTUNE, specialist for innovative odour removal technologies is a brand of MMT GmbH, Siegen.
Thereby MMT GmbH uses its long-standing know-how as a leading company in fields of micro-dosing
pumps, complex microfluidic devices and active biochips, microsensors and microvalves. As a
subsidiary, MMT GmbH is embedded in the high-technology-network of its parent company Plan
Optik AG.

Bürstner GmbH & Co. KG
For almost 60 years Bürstner is well known as a manufacturer of caravans and motor homes. The
Baden-Alsatian company placed in Kehl (D) and Wissembourg (F) and is part of the Erwin Hymer

The Erwin Hymer Group unites manufacturer of Caravans and motor homes, accessory specialists
and rental and financing services consolidated. With its more than 6000 employees worldwide and
round about 55000 recreation vehicles the group realized a turnover of 2,1 bn Euro in financial year
2016/2017. The caravan and motor home brands American Fastbacks, Buccaneer, Bürstner, Carado,
Cliffride, Compass, Dethleffs, Elddis, Eriba, Etrusco, Hymer, Niesmann+Bischoff, Laika, LMC, Roadtrek,
Sunlight und Xplore, the motor home rentals Best Time RV, McRent and rent easy, the suspension
specialist Goldschmitt, the accessory specialist Movera, the tent caravan manufactuer 3DOG camping
and the travel portal freeontour are counted amoung the Erwin Hyme Group.

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AIRTUNE offers innovative solutions for effective and sustainable removal of unpleasant odours in motorhomes and many other types of mobile leisure.

In caravans, the traveler will be exposed to various bad odours.. Their very nature means several people spending a lot of time in the restricted space. This inevitably creates a huge variety of different odours. Even with the delivery of new motorhomes unpleasant odours can already be present in the vehicle. This is due to emissions from the new cladding, adhesives and plastic equipment. These odours are often masked by the use of chemical fragrance sprays. But they can put a strain on your health and the effect will only be short term. Masking does not solve the problem.

It gets even worse if unpleasant odours emerge from the air conditioning system itself. These  odours are caused by mildew spores that accumulate in the air conditioning system over time. These may not only be extremely unpleasant, but also hazardous to health! In this case a solution is needed that not only neutralises the odours in the air, but also achieves an antibacterial effect. This solves the problem.

Eliminate odours instead of masking them

In order to ensure a ‘well-being’ environment on the go, it is essential not only to mask the odours, but to effectively eliminate them. Many products on the market are unable to effectively achieve this. The odours are only briefly masked but not eliminated. In contrast, AIRTUNE offers solutions for immediate and continuous odour removal AIRTUNE destroys the molecular structure of the odours and thus permanently eliminates them. In addition, the products are not only characterised by their effective and health-friendly effect but are also economical to use and aid resource sustainability. AIRTUNE therefore saves a lot of time and money whilst helping the environment.

Retain the vehicle value!

The value retention of motorhomes is also an important factor. To achieve the best value, cleanliness in appearance and interior smell are key. AIRTUNE XPRESS offers a full range of cleaning treatments for vehicle interiors. The specialty of this range is the uniqueness of each product recipe. In addition to the respective cleaning function of each AIRTUNE all products contain active odour removal capability. Through this combined action, you have the double effect of mechanical cleaning and immediate odour removal. The AIRTUNE XPRESS range also offers a spray for the instant removal of unpleasant odours.
Our AIRTUNE XPRESS cleaner sets are perfect for travelling. These include all products that are necessary for cleaning the vehicle interior on the go.

One system!

The basic idea is to offer a full odour removal and interior cleaning. A system that can be used by both professionals and non-professionals. In this way, the well-being and health of the travelers is assured. In addition, when you return a rental motor home, the costs that can arise due to a lack of care are minimised.

With AIRTUNE you will always have fresh air!

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