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HPC Hydraulics BV

Edisonstraat 18-20, 7575 AT Oldenzaal

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand C63

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 fairground map: Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Vehicle parts / Chassis units / Axles / Trailer equipment
  • 09.18  Lift supports / Jack systems

Our products

Product category: Lift supports / Jack systems

Levelling systems

HPC-Hydraulics are known for their ultra light stabilisation and automatic aligning systems. Because we work with, among other things, aluminium jacks, we can save a lot of weight. Depending on the application there are systems available with a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per jack. With this we can level vehicles from 2 tonnes up to a maximum of 30 tonnes.

The basic principle of the system is extremely simple. With a control it is possible to stabilise or align a vehicle within mere seconds. Depending on the vehicle, 2 or 4 independently functioning jacks are mounted.


  • Suitability. The system lends itself for every vehicle, regardless of the weight that has to be stabilised and possibly aligned.
  • Weight. The aluminium jacks are light and very strong and have a movable base of about 7 degrees.
  • The comfort it provides. For example, campers do not bounce all over the place, they are very steady, with all the advantages of being aligned when it comes to sleeping, cooking, showering, configuring the antenna, etc.
  • The ease of operation. The system has feather-light operation from the driving seat.
  • Independent of the weather conditions. Whether the weather is bad or not, it is not necessary to leave the cabin to stabilise and align the vehicle, not even to drive away again.
  • No hindrance from site conditions (extreme situations excepted). Even if a jack is positioned above a pothole, for example, the lifting only happens when both jacks touch the ground.
  • The speed of sliding in and out. Within 90 seconds the vehicle is aligned and stabilised and within a couple of seconds you can drive away without getting out of the vehicle, which can be important in emergencies.
  • Lifting. It is possible to lift every side independent of the others, which always makes it possible to align the vehicle.
  • Every side is lifted with two jacks at the same time. This to avoid the risk that the chassis twists, which could happen if only one jack was used.
  • Secondary advantages. Putting the vehicle at an angle to empty tanks. Putting the vehicle on the jacks in the winter instead of on the tires, etc.
  • Safety. The system does not work unless the handbrake is on. If the ignition of the vehicle is turned on while a jack is extended a bright warning lamp show up.

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Product category: Lift supports / Jack systems

Slide-out systems

HPC-Hydraulics Oldenzaal designs and constructs hydraulic slide-out bays and other tailor-made vehicle wideners for recreational and commercial applications. Everything revolves around more space in your service car, sales vehicle or camper. This means an enormous increase of uses. With a slide-out bay you can substantially expand the mobile workplace, sales space or the accommodation. The systems are user-friendly, strong and extremely practical in their use.

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Product category: Lift supports / Jack systems

Dual Cylinder slide-out

The ideal space enlarger for bigger vehicles, strong, technically very thorough and maintenance-free. The synchronised cylinders in the underlying rails ensure a very precise and problem-free extending and retracting of the bay. It feels like opening and closing a refrigerator door.
This system can be very practically combined with automatic HPC stabilising jacks, just like all other HPC systems.

The simple use and the thorough technical quality ensure that this dual cylinder-underfloor offers more and more space enlargement for even more enjoyment of life, work or recreation. The possibilities for extension broaden the vehicle with a maximum of 1.78 metre.

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Our trade marks

As Airsuspension
Coxx mobile Systems

About us

Company details

HPC- Hydraulics is a leading supplier of tailor-made solutions, specialised in mobile hydraulic systems. With over 10 years expertise in advanced hydraulic system technology, in the design of tailor-made hydraulic levelling systems and extendable bay systems for campers, caravans and special vehicles. Every product makes use of materials that have been chosen to fulfil the needs of very sustainable and long wear, in all weather conditions, and the products have to be tested extensively.

We are proud of our ability to modify products with the most advanced technology, together with our customers. More than just a supplier, we are a real production partner that can be relied upon by, among others, the camper industry.

HPC-Hydraulics is dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality products for affordable prices. We are dedicated to offering our business partners the service and support of a small company with the means of a big company.

The sales team is available to help you supply the right solution for your application. Whether you are an end customer, small dealer or a big producer, you can be sure that you will receive the best support.

Our dedicated Phone Support guarantees the consumer that their questions will be answered by an expert. However, most customers can find their answers on the support page of our website.

We are happy to help you...

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