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Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wernher-von-Braun-Str. 12, 85640 Putzbrunn
Telephone +49 89 4617-0
Fax +49 89 4617-2116

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand C31

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 fairground map: Hall 13

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  • 05  Detachable parts and components for caravans and motor caravans
  • 05.06  Ventilation / Air conditioning
  • 05.06.05  Air conditioners

Air conditioners

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.06  Heating systems / Heaters
  • 06.06.01  Independent vehicle heaters

Independent vehicle heaters

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.07  Installation material (Gas)

Installation material (Gas)

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.10  Control instruments

Control instruments

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.13  Water heaters / Boilers

Water heaters / Boilers

  • 07  Energy supply / Electrical installations / Electrical appliances
  • 07.11  Control boards

Control boards

  • 09  Vehicle parts / Chassis units / Axles / Trailer equipment
  • 09.26  Manoeuvering aids

Manoeuvering aids

  • 18  Media
  • 18.07  Apps


Company news




Aug 7, 2019

70 years of Truma - The major milestones

After the war, Philipp Kreis develops a gas light for his evening language school in Munich, so that teaching could continue  despite the power cuts.
He founds Truma in the same year and names the company after US president Harry S. Truman, whom he admires, and who enables Germany to be rebuilt thanks to the Marshall Plan.

In 1961, Truma launches the first officially approved caravan heater, the Truma-matic – making winter camping possible.
Philipp Kreis develops the S-shaped heat exchanger, which still forms the core element of the Truma S-heater today.

In 1969, the company launches the Duomatic gas pressure regulator, which automatically changes over from an empty gas cylinder to a full one. Out of this develops the current Truma DuoControl CS – now with integrated crash sensor, which enables heating while driving.
Service has always been key for Truma: in 1972, the company sets up its service organisation with mobile service technicians.
In 1975, Truma launches the Trumatic E-heater – the predecessor to the Truma VarioHeat.
In 1976, the Truma Therme enters the market, making hot water available in caravans for the first time.

In 1981, Truma develops its first boiler in gas and gas/electronic versions – hot water in recreational vehicles becomes even more convenient.
From 1988 to 2008, Managing Partner Renate Schimmer-Wottrich modernises, internationalises and diversifies the company.

In 1994 Truma launches the C-heater, which is replaced in 2007 by the Combi.
In 1997, the company establishes its first subsidiary in the UK and acquires Alde.
Truma taps into new business segments and, in 1999, launches its first storage box air conditioner Saphir and its first Mover.

In 2003, Renate Schimmer-Wottrich receives the Federal Cross of Merit and, in 2010, the Bavarian Order of Merit, for her entrepreneurial commitment and corporate social responsibility.
Internationalisation continues: Truma Italia is founded in 2007 and Truma Scandinavia in 2010. 2013 sees subsidiaries in the USA and China, followed by a joint venture in Australia in 2018.
In 2011, Truma launches the first Aventa roof-mounted air conditioner.

Since 2015, the company has worked on improving connectivity in recreational vehicles: the Truma iNet System allows the  heater and air conditioner to be controlled and the gas supply to be detected – all via a smartphone app.
In 2015, Alexander Wottrich joined the company as Managing Director of the Truma Group and became Technical CEO in 2018, keeping Truma a family business as it passes to the third generation.

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Aug 7, 2019

Cool stuff

Which air conditioner is right for me? Is my vehicle better off with a roof-mounted or under-bench air conditioner? How do Truma air conditioners stack up against the competition?

The new Truma air conditioner guide answers all these questions and provides extensive background information on climate comfort, explaining, for example, the influence that temperature and humidity have on well-being. Practical tips from the experts round off this useful guide. The Truma air conditioner guide is available as a free download.

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Aug 7, 2019

Discover hybrid heating and products first-hand

Visitors to the Truma stand in hall 13/C31 at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf will be able to discover hybrid heating, see products first-hand and make use of Truma’s dependable service.

Hybrid heating
Use gas, electricity or a combination of both for heating as required – the Truma Combi E allows maximum flexibility. The heater has two integrated electric heating elements, which deliver 900 W or 1,800 W of heat, to make sure customers always have the option they need. Those who want to take advantage of low electricity prices on the campsite, and use the heater at night with zero noise and zero emissions should opt for the electric mode. Using combined mode with one or two heating elements will save LPG, especially in spring and autumn, while campers who want to be self-sufficient simply need to set the Combi to gas mode. Truma will be holding live group advice sessions every day at the stand in Düsseldorf, with experts available to answer all your hybrid heating questions.

Experience products first-hand
In addition, a virtual, interactive gas locker invites you to discover the new Truma gas pressure regulators, gas filters and high-pressure hoses. Visitors to the fair can also see for themselves how quiet and powerful the new Truma Aventa roof air conditioners are.

Dependable service
The Truma service technicians, already a firm favourite, will be here again this year. They advise customers, repair devices and install new products. Visitors can make an appointment to use this popular service at the gate of the Caravan Center and at the Truma stand between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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