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Franz-Josef-Strauss-Str. 41, 82041 Deisenhofen
Telephone +49 89 21129976
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CARAVAN SALON 2019 hall map (Hall 13): stand A10

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CARAVAN SALON 2019 fairground map: Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Detachable parts and components for caravans and motor caravans
  • 05.06  Ventilation / Air conditioning
  • 05.06.05  Air conditioners
  • 07  Energy supply / Electrical installations / Electrical appliances
  • 07.08  Generators
  • 07  Energy supply / Electrical installations / Electrical appliances
  • 07.12  Battery chargers

Battery chargers

  • 07  Energy supply / Electrical installations / Electrical appliances
  • 07.19  Solar energy systems

Solar energy systems

  • 07  Energy supply / Electrical installations / Electrical appliances
  • 07.22  Power-supply units

Power-supply units

  • 08  Antennas / Receivers / Navigation systems
  • 08.02  Antenna masts / Antenna mounts

Antenna masts / Antenna mounts

  • 08  Antennas / Receivers / Navigation systems
  • 08.04  Television sets

Television sets

  • 08  Antennas / Receivers / Navigation systems
  • 08.05  Television antennas

Television antennas

  • 08  Antennas / Receivers / Navigation systems
  • 08.09  Satellite antennas

Satellite antennas

  • 08  Antennas / Receivers / Navigation systems
  • 08.10  Satellite receivers

Our products

Product category: Air conditioners

Automatic air conditioners with heat pump

When the summer is torrid, the heat is suffocating and humidity prevents you from sleeping at night, there’s no need to worry, because Telair will look after you. You don’t have to miss out on holidays in the south of Europe just because heat and mugginess might make your stay unbearable. A Telair air conditioner will make your days pleasant and relaxing. A sense of well-being will accompany you throughout your holiday, the system constantly cooling and drying the air inside your motorhome or caravan. Telair’s flat and aerodynamic roof-mounted air conditioners are the perfect solution, taking up minimal space inside the vehicle. Modern, innovative design makes installation of the unit on the roof quick and easy, as uses the standard 40 x 40 cm roof-light opening, without affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

The new range of Dual Clima and Silent air conditioners, built with 4 different cooling levels, can be installed on any type of caravan or motorhome, from small (4 or 5 m) to large (8 or 10 m). Choosing the right model to install is simple. Ju

Air Diffuser

Dual Clima diffuser, modern design and super-flat (just 4.9 cm thick). Fitted with an efficient and silent system for distributing cold (or hot) air that can reach any part of the vehicle. The two main outlets are connected to an adjustable flow separator that allows air to be distributed in two directions (Front – Rear) or allows the flow to be adjusted gradually until it is all concentrated in just one direction. Each of the two outlets can also be oriented from left to right and from up to down in order to maximise comfort. Fitted with 2 honeycomb dust filters that can easily be extracted and washed under running water. An LED display showing room temperature and 2 LED lights indicating the status (cooling or heating) of the air conditioner will help you control it at all times. Infrared remote control with timer (ON-OFF) and large display. Ambient lighting with two LED bars that can be activated with the remote control.

Silent Diffuser, small, compact with cold air outlet that can be aimed in two directions (forwards and rearwards) or focused in one direction. Easy to clean, with two dust filters that can be removed effortlessly and washed in running water whenever necessary. Fitted with an LED display, a room temperature indicator and an infrared remote control with timer.

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Product category: Satellite receivers

HD Satellite Receiver - ODE 713 HD

With this receiver you can watch all the 
programmes transmitted on the TivùSat platform on the 13° EAST satellite. 
The TivùSat HD card included has no expiry date.

  • Power supply: 12 Volt and 230 Volt
  • Frequency: 950-2150 MHz
  • Memory storage for 3000 TV and radio channels
  • 3 Favourite channels lists
  • 2 Nagra and Conax SMART Card readers
  • 1 MIR remote control extender
  • 1 SCART socket
  • 1 HDMI v.1.3 socket
  • TivùSat automatic channel sorting
  • 1 S/PDI F Digital audio socket
  • 1 Ethernet 10/100 port with V.90 modem
  • Software update via satellite
  • Teletext and subtitles
  • Consumption: 9.0 W in operation, 0.7 W in standby mode
  • Dimensions: 260 x 199 x 51 mm

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Product category: Generators

Inverter diesel generator - TIG 3000 D is

  • 230 Vac
  • Stainless steel hatch
  • Removable interior
  • 2 fixing systems
  • Variable speed adjuster

The TIG 3000 D is a new-generation 230 V AC inverter generator powered by a Diesel engine.
The rotation speed is commanded by a newly developed electronic variable speed system which functions at an extremely low noise level and greatly reduces average diesel consumption. Inverter technology provides a very stable flow of power by pure sine wave.
The modernly designed remote control panel with display provides the user with full information on generator operation: oil level checks, working temperature and power consumption with automatic engine cut-off if values do not correspond with standard values. The generator can be set to manual or automatic mode (if it’s also used as a battery charger). It also has a BOOST button which can be used when a temporary increase of power for a very high electric load is needed.
It also has a special interface which makes it possible to use the new Teleco-Hub App to switch the generator on/off and control it remotely using an iOS or Android smartphone.

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