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15, rue des Forgerons, 72130 Sougé le Ganelon
Telephone +33 33 0243973007
Fax +33 33 0243337917

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CARAVAN SALON 2020 hall map (Hall 13): stand B73

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CARAVAN SALON 2020 fairground map: Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Vehicle parts / Chassis units / Axles / Trailer equipment
  • 09.15  Luggage racks
  • 09.15.05  Motorcycle racks

Our products

Product category: Motorcycle racks

UNO Lowering and folding motorbike trailer

LOAD your MOTORBIKE, both single-handedly and safely
Store your trailer vertically so it doesn't take up any room


Total laden weight :500kg with payload :340Kg
or total laden weight :600kg with payload :440Kg
Unladen weight :140Kg
Wheels :155-70x13
Structure: Welded, hot galvanised, tubular steel frame
European certificate of conformity
Two year warranty
No special driving licence required
No registration document
No extra insurance required


Length :2.78m
Width :1.85m
Useable length :2m
Usable width :1m
Storage dimensions when folded :H1.6m,W1.85m,D0.97

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Product category: Motorcycle racks

DUO Lowering and folding motorbike trailer

Load your motorcycle easily, safely and single- handedly
Store it vertically to save space

Product features : the plus points
Lowering flatbed, Foldable, Payload of 506kg, No specific driving licence
Lowering flatbed to load and unload your bike easily and safely
Can be folded and stored vertically in a garage
(L 2280mm x l 1285mm x H 1660mm)
Can be folded and unfolded in less than a minute without any tools
Once folded, can be easily moved and stored in a limited space
High quality trailer with a welded and powder coated chassis
Made in France
Payload of 506kgs
Certified and approved to European standards, a guarantee to be able to legally take your motorbike anywhere in Europe and get insurance
No specific driving licence category required
Registration plate included
European Certificate of Conformity

Technical Description
Payload: 506kgs
Empty weight : 244kgs
Wheels : 155/70r13
Structure : Steel chassis welded and hot-dip galvanised

Length: 3280 mm - Width: 2280mm
Effective length : 2350mm - Effective width : 1370mm stock

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Product category: Motorcycle racks

XL 150 rampless trailer

Load and unload your trailer both safely and effortlessly.

The XL 150 trailer’s lowering axle principal has been developed and built by COCHET SAS, and it enables you to transport any type of load, with a maximum payload of 510kg without the need to use ramps. 

The way in which the XL 150 lowering trailer that we sell works is very simple: 
It is simply a case of unlocking the hydraulic system mechanically so that the load platform can drop down.


XL 150 Trailer TOTAL LADEN WEIGHT 750 kg
Payload 510 kg
Useful dimensions: 1305x2716 mm /overall width: 1930x3785 mm
Functional benefits

Time savings when loading or unloading thanks to the lowering axle
Makes loading and unloading safer
Load and unload heavy items single-handedly
It eliminates the need for long loading ramps
Enables palletised goods to be loaded without double handling, thanks to its axle that lowers down
Eliminates the problems associated with loading items that have low ground clearance

Technical benefits

Raising Time: less than a minute
Antiskid water resistant bed 
Rings for strapping down your machines
Galvanised chassis for a long working life 
Machine welded chassis for extra strength
V drawbar for increased ability
This trailer will make your life easier during loading or unloading due to the fact that it has an axle that can be raised or lowered. This 510 kg capacity model is on sale close to the centre of Paris 75 and also throughout England.

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Product category: Motorcycle racks

XL 180 tilting flatbed

This XL 180 trailer uses a system where the axle can be lowered, it has been designed and manufactured by COCHET SAS.
It can carry any type of load, and has a maximum payload of 460 kg. Loading is simplified as the need for ramps is eliminated. 

Our low loading XL 180 trailer has a very simple mechanism that enables it to be raised or lowered: 
Once the hydraulic system’s mechanical lock has been released the flatbed will drop down.


XL 180 Trailer total laden weight 750 kg
Payload 460 kg
Useful dimensions: 1805x2716 mm /total transport width: 2440x3726 mm


Quicker loading and unloading as the trailer can be tilted
Increased operator safety when loading or unloading
Single-handed loading and unloading of heavy items
Loading ramps are no longer required 
The lowering axle enables pallets to be loaded and unloaded without requiring them to be unstacked and re-stacked
Loading goods with low ground clearance is no longer a problem as the need for ramps has been eliminated
Technical strengths

It can be raised in less than a minute
Water resistant anti-slip bed
Loops for strapping down loads
Chassis protected by galvanisation 
Chassis manufactured using machine welding
Increased stability thanks to its V shaped drawbar

Simplify loading and unloading by raising and lowering this trailer’s axle. This model with a 460 kg payload is on sale close to Birmingham and also throughout the rest of England

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