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Alde Deutschland GmbH

Am Zauser 3, 97502 Euerbach
Telephone +49 9726 4659960
Fax +49 9726 4659979

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CARAVAN SALON 2021 hall map (Hall 13): stand A14

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CARAVAN SALON 2021 fairground map: Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.06  Heating systems / Heaters
  • 06.06.01  Independent vehicle heaters

Independent vehicle heaters

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.12  Installation for drinking water preparation
  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.13  Water heaters / Boilers

Our products

Product category: Water heaters / Boilers

With Alde Flow you have extra hot water for the whole family

It is a great advantage if you make sure that there is enough hot water in your motorhome or caravan, especially if you are free to camp, have just done sports or simply do not want to use the service building of the campsite. The problem is that a standard hot water heater does not always contain enough water for several family members to shower directly one after the other.

Fortunately, you can now solve this problem with an additional water heater from Alde Flow. Then you no longer have to wait for hours to fill a tank with water so that everyone can take a shower. Or can escape the crowds at the showers in the service building.

With Alde Flow, you and your family can take a hot shower whenever and for how long you want. Alde Flow has a compact and convenient format and an easy way to complement and upgrade your Alde heating system.

Alde Flow extra separate water heater
The Alde Flow is an additional water heater that, together with the Alde Compact 3020 HE* boiler, provides a continuous hot water flow of up to 3.5 litres of hot water per minute. This corresponds to a continuous provision of 40 degrees warm shower water as long as fresh water is available.

Advantages of Alde Flow
• An additional water heater that you connect to the Alde boiler
• Continuously provides 3.5 liters of warm water (40 °C)
• Compact solution that connects directly to the boiler
• Easy control via the Alde control panel
• Also compatible with older Compact 3010/3020

* On previous models of the Alde compact 3010 and 3020 (before the 2016 annual model), the Alde Flow serves as an additional 6-litre hot water tank.

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Product category: Water heaters / Boilers

Alde hot water central heating

Alde central heating is a heating system built on the same principle as heating in most households. The heating source consists of a gas boiler with an electric cartridge that heats a liquid mixture of water and glycol. With the help of a pump, the warm glycol water circulates through the convectors and pipes in the system.

The convectors placed on the outer walls heat the air rising upwards, walls and furniture are heated. As the warm air rises upwards, an air barrier is formed that keeps the cold away from the windows. When the warm air reaches the ceiling, it circulates to the floor and is reheated by the convectors.

Every vehicle must have ventilation, i.e., fresh air must be supplied and the used air must be discharged. The fresh air to be supplied to the vehicle shall be supplied via an insulated air intake and further upwards through a convector with extra-dense fins. In this way, the incoming fresh air is heated when the heating system is switched on.

The used air is discharged via roof hatches and fans.

In order to obtain the best possible heat distribution and a comfortable living comfort, the installation is important

·         As many and long convectors as possible Convectors should be placed under each window
·         The convectors are to be mounted along the outer walls
·         The air should be able to circulate freely under beds and behind backrests
·         Ventilation in the upper cabinets should be carried out in such a way that the air can circulate

If the installation is correct, the natural heat flow of the Alde central heating system ensures that a comfortable temperature and the feeling of comfort prevail throughout the living space, without draughts and cold areas and that bed boxes and cupboards are heated.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation

Alde Compact 3020 HE - Heat for mobile leisure.

All connections, i.e. water, gas and electricity, are located on the long side. This simplifies installation and maintenance work on the Compact 3020 HE. The installation dimensions are also minimal thanks to the fact that there are no connections on three sides.

The housing of the Compact 3020 HE contains the liquid gas burner, which can be operated in two power levels depending on the power requirement.

All models of the Compact 3020 HE have two 230 V electric cartridges with a maximum output of 3150 W.

The boiler's water heater is a storage tank with a capacity of more than 8 litres of domestic hot water.

The boiler is controlled by a processor on the boiler control panel.

Alde Compact 3020 HE can be combined with various Truma air conditioning systems* to provide full climate control.

The Compact 3020 HE can be installed practically anywhere. Whether inside in the living space, e.g. in the wardrobe or storage room, or outside in a pantry or mezzanine.

Flue gas discharge and air intake can either be via a wall or roof flue.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation

Circulating pump 230 V

Circulation pump 230 V for mounting on heater model 3010. Incl. rubber connection, double clamp, bracket and cable set. Control 12 V.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation

Heat exchanger

With a heat exchanger in combination with the Alde central heating system, the car's cooling system can be used to heat the living space. The only thing that needs to be done is to set the desired room temperature on the room thermostat and start the circulation pump from the heating system. The heater can also work in reverse together with a circulation pump (2755) on the engine side. In this case the heater works like an engine heater, because the central heating system heats the cooling system of the car engine. When fitting a heat exchanger, the car manufacturer or importer should be consulted so that the engine is not damaged.

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About us

Company portrait

About Alde

Alde International Systems AB is a world-leading company that develops, manufactures and markets heating systems primarily for the home on the move.

The head office is located in Färlöv near Kristianstad in southern Sweden. This is also where the company was once founded. We employ around 140 people and have subsidiaries in Germany, England and the USA.

Here in the cold north we have gained experience over several decades in the development of central heating systems that provide mobile accommodation all over the world with a high level of comfort without any problems and all year round.

To ensure that our products provide optimal comfort, they are fully tested in our climate chambers to temperatures as low as -35°C.

Our production is quality certified to ISO 9001:2015 and our products naturally comply with all relevant European, North American, Australian and New Zealand regulations and standards.

The privately owned company has a long-term focus on internationalization and further development of the products.

You can find us at the leading trade shows around the world, or you can get to know us by using one of the excellent recreational vehicles available on the market.