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Hall map

CARAVAN SALON 2021 hall map (Hall 13): stand B33

Fairground map

CARAVAN SALON 2021 fairground map: Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Installations / Heating / Gas / Water
  • 06.09  Insulating material / Sealants

Our products

Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


Easy dab-off sealant

DEKASEAL 8936 is a high-quality, permanently tacky, non-hardening, plastic-staying sealant that remains workable and is based on polyisobutylene (PIB). Excess material can simply be removed by dabbing with the same material. DEKASEAL 8936 cannot be coated.

- Very low water vapour permeability
- Excess DEKASEAL 8936 can be easily removed in only a few minutes
- Excellent UV resistance and ageing properties, proven quality
- Sealant needs to be fit between two mechanical clamped substrates
- Generally good adhesion to most substrates without pretreatment
- DEKASEAL 8936 is available in various viscosities and colours
- Long shelf life, min. 2 years unopened
- Long-term experience, extensive references
- Cannot be coated; if coating necessary, use DEKASEAL 1512

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Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


Butyl sealing compound

DEKASEAL 1512 is a butyl based, plastic-elastic sealing compound without any aromatic solvents. The product forms a dry skin and can be coated.

Your advantages:
- No aromatic solvents
- Excess material can be cleaned with e.g. acetone
- Excellent UV resistance and good resistance to ageing
- Generally good adhesion to most substrates without pretreatment
- Temperature-resistant from -30°C to +100°C
- Good chemical resistance
- Storage up to 2 years
- Can be coated

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Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


High tack adhesive and sealant

DEKASYL MS-5 is an MS-polymer-based adhesive with high bonding strength and initial stability for creating elastic bonds between parts. Its excellent adhesion reduces clamping times or even eliminates the need for clamping altogether. Additionally, DEKASYL MS-5 can be used as a sealing compound as long as the materials to be bonded are similar (similar stiffness) or if mechanical fastening methods are used.

- No solvents, isocyanate or PVC
- Excellent UV resistance and ageing resistance
- Excellent initial stability
- Generally good adhesion to most substrates without pretreatment
- Temperature-resistant from -40°C to +120°C
- Neutral, odourless and fast-curing
- Can be coated (wet on wet) after the skin forms; this does not generally impede curing
- Compatible with most industrial painting or lacquering systems and with both alkyd resin and emulsion paints (due to the large number of different types of industrial paints available, we recommend a compatibility test)

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Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


Power rust remover

DEK ARUST REMOVER is a premium rust remover that is ideal for loosening rusted screws/nuts and dissolving rust on all corroded surfaces. Fast-acting, high-performance rust remover. Immediately penetrates difficult-to-reach places. Loosens jammed mechanical systems, removes rust and oil/grease.

- Unique active formula
- Dissolves rust and encrusted grime
- Immediately penetrates difficult-to-reach places
- No silicones, no mineral oils
- No paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS)
- Highly concentrated, universal usage
- Easy to apply with the perfectly adapted spraying straw
- Environmentally friendly

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Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


Active foam cleaning spray for windscreens and mirrors

DEKACLEAN GLASS FOAM is an active foam cleaningspray that applies evenly and leaves windscreens and mirrors flawlessly clean.

- Unique active formula
- Streak-free cleaning thanks to special formulation
- Cleans away road dirt and insects
- Removes nicotine and silicone
- Highly concentrated and efficient

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Product category: Insulating material / Sealants


Underbody protection

DEK APHON 958 is an environmentally friendly, water-based underbody protection agent that can be painted over and offers excellent stonechip protection, corrosion protection, and stonechip resistance. When the product is completely dry, it creates an elastic film that protects the vehicle body from stonechip and road salt and also provides protection against a range of environmental factors.

- Water-based
- Quick-drying
- Environmentally friendly
- Stonechip protection
- Excellent resistance to weathering, corrosion and abrasion

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Our trade marks


About us

Company portrait

DEKALIN is the perfect brand for preserving the value and improving the appearance of camper vans, caravans and transport vans with premium-grade, durable products. Safe, reliable bonding and sealing – professionally done with products that are easy to handle – is at the very heart of who we are. Renowned manufacturers of camper vans and caravans trust in DEKALIN. And this, of course, is why we are “OEM-approved” – in other words, we supply the original equipment manufacturers.
For over 100 years, the production of professional adhesives and sealants has been our calling. DEKALIN Deutsche Klebstoffwerke GmbH was founded in 1907. 30 years later, a surgeon in Gothenburg invented a solution for providing long-term protection against rust. Using the chemical compound “dinitro-ortho-kresol” he managed to not only stop the corrosion process, but also to actually prevent it entirely. DINITROL today is a product that is known around the world.

Today, DEKALIN and DINITROL are members of the same “house of brands” – namely DINOL. DINOL GmbH is an autonomously operating subsidiary of the WÜRTH Group and one of the world’s leading system providers for anti-corrosive solutions, adhesives, sealants, putties, soundproofing sprays and suitable application equipment.

Our flexibility and our experience are what enable us to excel. We continuously evolve our products to enhance their environmental compatibility and we assume responsibility for the long run. Whatever your needs, our extensive range of bonding and sealing products will certainly have a solution for you – we are the one-stop shop for everything you need for your various projects regarding your caravan, camper van or transport van. Premium-grade, and of course user-centric, so that you can work professionally and provide your project with a flawless finish

Company data

Number of employees 50-99