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Alois Kober GmbH

Ichenhauser Str. 14, 89359 Kötz

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Hall map

CARAVAN SALON 2021 hall map (OA Hall 13): stand 13-03

Fairground map

CARAVAN SALON 2021 fairground map: OA Hall 13

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Vehicle parts / Chassis units / Axles / Trailer equipment
  • 09.15  Luggage racks
  • 09.15.04  Rear racks

Rear racks

  • 09  Vehicle parts / Chassis units / Axles / Trailer equipment
  • 09.18  Lift supports / Jack systems

Lift supports / Jack systems

Our products

Product category: Manoeuvering aids

Overrun devices for safe braking with trailers

Overrun devices, also called overrun brakes, belong on every trailer. The parts establish the towing connection to the towing vehicle via a ball coupling, a DIN towing eye or a special eye and trigger the braking process of the trailer when it runs up.

In the process, the drawbar is pushed in, the deflection lever is actuated and the wheel brake is applied via the transmission device. Different variants are available depending on the trailer requirements. AL-KO overrun hitches comply with the latest ECE guidelines. They should be combined with suitable AL-KO wheel brakes during assembly, otherwise the brake system will not work. Trailers need the parts to improve the braking values. A combination with a braked trailer remains exactly on track even during emergency braking in a bend. AL-KO braking system overrun devices are also characterised by values that are far above the legally prescribed framework.

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

AL-KO trailer axle for more driving stability

The high quality of an AL-KO trailer axle is the result of years of development work. Material and workmanship more than meet the requirements of modern vehicle technology. AL-KO offers a wide range of axles for braked and unbraked trailers. The parts are adapted to the intended use and weight class in each case.

This ensures maximum safety and comfort. AL-KO trailer axles are available in three product classifications for unbraked and braked axles. Based on the subdivision, the level of driving comfort and safety can be assessed immediately. In addition, an AL-KO hexagonal rubber suspension can be fitted for even gentler transport. It does not necessarily matter whether theBASIC, PLUS or PREMIUM PROFI axles are fitted - all classes ensure greater driving stability and comfort.

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

Even more AL-KO accessories for trailers

Smaller AL-KO trailer parts are also important for driving comfort: Accessories such as ball couplings, anti-theft devices, support wheels, cable winches, wheel chocks or mudguards support safe transport and optimum parking of the trailer. Wheel brakes, on the other hand, guarantee that the brakes are always optimally adjusted.

The automatic brake adjustment AAA (AL-KO Automatic Adjustment) for the 2051 and 2361 wheel brakes can be retrofitted as an option for every axle with a bolted brake plate. AL-KO is a leader in the development and production of high-quality suspension components for privately and commercially used trailers up to 3,500 kilograms gross vehicle weight. Years of work and research have made us the right partner for private and commercial users in this field. With our components you will reach your destination even more comfortably and safely. Convince yourself!

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

Something special: Electric manoeuvring aid MAMMUT

Manoeuvring a caravan on the camping site can be a mammoth task. With manoeuvring systems from AL-KO you can master such situations without any problems. The manoeuvring systems move the caravan to the desired position with millimetre precision - even on uneven terrain or where space is limited. The electronic helpers for the caravan make instruction by helpers superfluous. For years, AL-KO has been one of the best manoeuvring systems for caravans with its MAMMUT manoeuvring aid. The manoeuvring system has won many awards and convinces customers with its high level of user-friendliness.

Only AL-KO offers the MAMMUT manoeuvring system for caravans with joystick control for the driver. Compared to operation via buttons, this allows stepless acceleration, steering and braking. So that the caravan does not move unintentionally, a release of the manoeuvring system is necessary. To do this, simply hold the remote control against the sensor on the drawbar of the caravan. The AL-KO manoeuvring aid for caravans manages turns of 360 degrees, overcomes gradients of up to 28 percent and obstacles of up to approx. 4 cm in height. The stepless control electronics also have the advantage that nothing jerks when manoeuvring. In this way, single-axle and tandem-axle vehicles can be moved easily and precisely.

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

For beginners: caravan shunting system RANGER

The strong RANGER entry-level model for single-axle caravans up to 1.8 tonnes and tandem axles up to 2.5 tonnes moves the caravan with millimetre precision and without effort. Even narrow and steep terrain can be mastered in this way without further assistance. The ergonomic remote control makes it easy to move the caravan with the manoeuvring aid, even for beginners. The soft start and soft stop function enables precise and shock-free manoeuvres. In this way, the RANGER masters obstacles up to two centimetres high with a maximum climbing ability of 18 percent.

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

Additional support on the caravan: Support wheels

Not in every situation is it possible to manoeuvre the caravan with a manoeuvring system alone, for example if the ground is soaked by rain. In such situations, support wheels are a great help, provided they meet certain requirements. If they are too narrow, they still work on hard ground, but are more of a hindrance on soft ground. Then these wheels make deep ruts or, in the worst case, sink.

In this case, only a lot of muscle power or a helper will help to free the caravan again. AL-KO offers support wheels in different variants. They are available with a static load capacity of between 150 and 300 kilograms, so that the right support wheels can be found for almost every model. However, always bear in mind that the dynamic load capacity is lower. The hand crank works smoothly and can also be removed on some models.

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Product category: Manoeuvering aids

The perfect addition for training wheels: manoeuvring handles

Manoeuvring handles make it easier to move uncoupled trailers. However, they are also used on jockey wheels to prevent them from slipping during travel if the locking toggles are not properly tightened. For this purpose, the manoeuvring handle is attached to the outer tube of the jockey wheel. The attachment is easily done with four screws. Please note, however, that jockey wheels can only be attached to outer tubes with a diameter of 48 mm

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Our trade marks

About us

Company portrait

From village smithy to global corporation
Our roots go back to a small village smithy. The fact that a global company has grown out of this is also due to the fact that we are always aware of what our identity is and what values we have always stood for: Quality, innovation in product and process, and reliability and sustainability in our internal and external customer relationships. This is the basis for our pursuit of sustainable growth and quality leadership in our business areas. Since 2016, we have been making our contribution in the DexKo Group, the world's leading manufacturer of axles and chassis components in the light segment. We are proud to continue to successfully shape this development together with DexKo and to carry our brand promise of quality, safety and comfort for our products and services into the world.

AL-KO vehicle technology
The name AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik is rightly synonymous with safety on the road. Whether motorhome, caravan, commercial vehicle or utility trailer - we stand for the greatest possible driving safety and maximum comfort with our name as a reliable companion. We are not only a household name for motorhome and caravan enthusiasts in the leisure vehicle segment: with well thought-out lightweight chassis, suspension components, but also individual accessories, we guarantee a safe ride and enjoyment on the road. In the commercial vehicle and trailer segment, too, our premium solutions ensure the best ergonomics and safety during transport. We are the world's leading axle supplier in the light weight segment. "We Carry What Matters": boat trailers, delivery vehicles, snow groomers and much more. You can trust us with your loads. We supply the vehicle components and accessories - the best foundation for your tasks.

We love quality! We live quality!
And we have the right answer for almost every transport requirement in our field. Our way of differentiating products into "Basic", "Plus" and "Premium" gives every customer the certainty of getting an AL-KO solution that suits his individual requirements. AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik is safety and quality in one: from product to delivery! With our strong brands we are one of the shapers of the mobile future. We want our customers to be satisfied and successful. Quality for Life!

We are where you are
Our network with more than 30 production and sales locations as well as around 1000 service stations worldwide guarantees constant presence and personal contact. Our sophisticated logistics network around the globe optimises our flow of goods and guarantees global presence just-in-time. AL-KO quality and service is guaranteed everywhere. You can rely on that.

For the highest demands
At AL-KO, research and development are firmly integrated into the product development process from the initial idea through to production. The result: innovative solutions that meet the highest standards. In close coordination and cooperation with the testing department, our engineers push individual components, assemblies and also finished products to their limits every day in the new technology centre. We are proud of our tailor-made, ultra-modern test facilities, which enable the toughest service life and wear tests under real operating conditions. They offer unique opportunities in our market environment for testing individual components and complete vehicles. Only what is judged to be flawless ultimately receives our "Quality for Life" award!

Innovation that moves us forward
True to our principle "We are among the best in the market and are leaders in innovation", it has always been important to us to recognise the pulse of the times and to offer our customers that little bit extra. This is how our employees contribute every day to developing innovative ideas and seeing them through to implementation. It is only through this outstanding performance that we are able to maintain our position as market leader and look forward with enthusiasm to a successful future. The study commissioned by Focus Money, accompanied by the International School of Management Dortmund, analysed the 5,000 companies with the most employees in 2018 and was convinced of our pioneering role in innovation activities, investments, research & development, product innovations and technology.