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Dr. Keddo GmbH

Innungstr. 45, 50354 Hürth-Gleuel
Telephone +49 2233 932370

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CARAVAN SALON 2021 hall map (Hall 3): stand A59

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CARAVAN SALON 2021 fairground map: Hall 3


Dr. Bruno Klisch




Reinhild Fockenberg

Presse / Marketing



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 11  Caravaning / Camping equipment
  • 11.06  Water purifiers
  • 11.06.01  Water tank cleaning
  • 11  Caravaning / Camping equipment
  • 11.06  Water purifiers
  • 11.06.02  Water sterilization
  • 11  Caravaning / Camping equipment
  • 11.06  Water purifiers
  • 11.06.03  Drinking water systems / maintenance

Our products

Product category: Toilet hygiene

The Dr. Keddo GmbH expands its range of green sanitary additives

True to the company motto "Give nature a chance", Dr. Keddo GmbH is expanding its repertoire of biodegradable sanitary additives to include the ToiRinse toilet spray, just in time for the Caravan Salon 2021 trade fair in Düsseldorf.

ToiRinse is a multifunctional, biodegradable spray for mobile plastic toilets in motorhomes, caravans and boats. ToiRinse combines the advantages of an environmentally friendly flushing water additive with the power of the precise application of a pump spray.

ToiRinse protects against new deposits, but also dissolves deposits such as urine scale and limescale. The mild active ingredients of ToiRinse do not attack seals. The pleasant fragrance as well as a reduction in water consumption due to fewer flushes are just some of the many advantages of ToiRinse, the ALTERNATIVE for mobile toilets if no separate flush water tank is available.

Furthermore, ToiRinse supports the effect of the well-known acidic and environmentally friendly sanitary products Bigsan-Kristalle and ToiSan, also from Dr. Keddo GmbH.

Container: 500 ml pump spray bottle

RRP (incl. VAT): 9,95 €/bottle

Item number: 90400

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Product category: Water tank cleaning, Water sterilization, Drinking water systems / maintenance, Toilet hygiene

Premium STARTER-SET motorhomes or caravans

Product information "STARTER-SET for motorhomes and caravans".

The Premium STARTER-SET motorhomes or caravans includes:

Schleimpur**250 ml - water system cleaner

SILBERKUGEL SILBERSEPTICA**- drinking water preservation for up to 2,5 years

Bigsan crystals 1 kg - biodegradable sanitary product 1for3*, contain optional citrus fragrance (20 ml)

Caravan and boat cleaner 500 ml - exterior cleaning concentrate

Ranysol 500 ml - paint preservative

packed in a useful 10.6 litre bucket with lid

Depending on the version, the STARTER-SET contains the "Silberkugel Silberseptica" for caravans ("small") or for motorhomes ("large").

*Additive and cleaner for faeces, waste water and flushing water tanks.
**Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

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Product category: Water sterilization, Drinking water systems / maintenance

DR. KEDDO UV system with LDÜ

innovative disinfection - completely without chemicals,

high disinfection performance with compact design and

low energy consumption

DR. KEDDO UV systems

in cooperation with a partner:

By irradiating drinking water with ultraviolet, very short-wave light (UV light), microbes can be effectively inactivated. No harmful by-products are produced in the process. Thus, the addition of chlorine as a disinfectant can be avoided and the drinking water remains free of chemical additives.

In addition to the disinfecting effect on microbes, very short-wave UV-C radiation is also used for virus inactivation. In this process, the radiation causes an additional chemical bond between very specific neighbouring genetic building blocks of the virus hereditary information, which massively disrupts the reading of these and thus also the virus reproduction.

The DR. KEDDO UV systems are designed in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines. They operate with a wavelength of 254 nm and comply with the minimum irradiation with a dose of 400 J/m² prescribed by the German Drinking Water Ordinance, in accordance with worksheet DVGW W294. The flow rate is 5 l/min. The stainless steel 1.4571 used is also used in the food industry.

DR. KEDDO UV systems are used for the disinfection of drinking water in motor homes, caravans and boats.

The design of the DR. KEDDO UV systems allows easy lamp removal at the immersion tube without additional tools. At the end of the service life, the lamp can be easily replaced.

We offer two different variants of the UV systems. One of them additionally contains a lifetime monitoring (LDÜ).

All advantages of DR. KEDDO UV systems at a glance:

- no chemicals (e.g. chlorine) necessary

- innovative disinfection

- Wavelength UV-C radiation with 254 nm

-Fulfils the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance and the DVGW regulations with regard to disinfection effectiveness corresponding to a room irradiation with a dose of 400 J/m² related to 254 nm

- flow rate of 5 l /min as well as an uncompromising effective power of the UV-C radiation with a transmission of the water of at least 90% per cm

- pH-neutral

- no odour and taste changes of the water

- no environmental pollution due to purely physical and biological effect

- no over- or underdosing

- low maintenance and space requirements

- low operating costs

- easy integration into the existing water supply

- tool-free lamp change

Technical data of the DR. KEDDO UV systems:

The water to be treated flows through the housing and is directed along the quartz immersion tube in which the UV lamp is mounted. The low water film thickness of only 7.5 mm, which is the distance between the UV light outlet on the quartz tube surface and the inner wall of the housing, guarantees optimum penetration of the water by the UV light. The system is shielded in such a way that no UV-C radiation escapes to the outside.

Supplier DR.KEDDO GmbH

Item number: 70473 and 70474 (LDÜ)

Flow rate: 5 l/min

UVC transmission: 90% T1 cm

Water temperature: 2ºC to 40ºC

Reactor Stainless steel: 1.4571

Connection thread: R 1/2

Seal: FPM

Dimensions: (L x Ø in mm) 237 x 42

Flange distance: 172 mm

Weight: 1,9 kg

Lamp operating time: 10.000 h

Number of emitters: 1

Dose: 400 J/m²

Temperature max.: 40ºC

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar

Protection class of housing: IP 65

electrical connection: 12 V DC ; optionally 230 V/50 Hz or 110-240 V 50/60 Hz or 24 V DC

Power: 10 W

Fuse protection: 10 A

LDÜ: The DR.KEDDO UV system with a lifetime monitoring system contains a controller which monitors the operating hours of the UV lamp. Coloured LED light indicates the status of the service life to the user. Green light means full operating hours; yellow, there are few operating hours left; red, the UV lamp must be replaced.

Interesting facts about UV light:

The ultraviolet spectrum comprises the wavelengths from 100-380 nm. By definition, this UV range is invisible to the human eye and is divided into the sub-ranges UV-A 380-315 nm, UV-B 315-280 nm and UV-C 280-100 nm.

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Product category: Water sterilization, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Dr. Keddo Combi drinking water filter

Dr. Keddo Combi Drinking Water Filter with Activated Carbon + Membrane + Silver*
Filling filter with Gardena® connection, housing incl. cartridge,
The Combi Filter removes
- Microorganisms and provides excellent water quality.
- organic residues such as biofilm, turbidities
-pesticides and their metabolites, chlorine flavouring

The activated carbon has a surface area of 1100 to 1300 sqm/g,
The filter fineness of the activated carbon is 0.45 µm, that of the membrane even 0.15 µm.

Drinking water at the tap for motor home and caravan owners is not always safe. The distance from the waterworks to the tap can bring all kinds of impurities with it. The Dr. Keddo Kombi drinking water filter has a Gardena® connection and completely retains organic residues/traces dissolved in the water by adsorption on the large activated carbon surface of up to 1300 sq/g from the water.
Silver also protects the filter cartridge from bacterial contamination during storage. The replaceable filter cartridge is easily changed approximately every 5000 litres.

Flow rate of the filter at 10 bar = 10 litres per minute
Filling time 100 litre tank = 10 minutes / 40 litre tank = 4 minutes

Attention: Important for all users! There should be no air left in the hose before filling. If the flow rate decreases (air in the system), there is an additional vent filter in the filter. This is activated by flushing the filter on the hose with water for 5-10 minutes. The flow rate of the filter is then restored.

Housing dimensions (LxWxH): 37 x 7.5 x 7.5cm

*Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

* The Dr. Keddo Combi drinking water filter is also available in the version shown in the video without any silver, in the Dr. Keddo Shop and at the Caravan Salon trade fair. (article no. 77.480)

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Product category: Water tank cleaning, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Dr. Keddo Solid Filter

Filling filter with Gardena® connection, housing incl. cartridge,
The Dr. Keddo solid filter is a pure textile filter, which removes particles such as sand, heavy iron loads, contamination or turbidity. Dissolved minerals remain in the drinking water. The filter is a favourable alternative to our Dr. Keddo combi drinking water filter, as long as high mechanical retention for e.g. sterile filtration is not required.

The included Texitlfilter cartridge has a fineness of: 1µm.

The housing of the Dr. Keddo solid filter is compatible with the Dr. Keddo combi-filter replacement cartridge.

Housing dimensions (LxWxH): 37 x 7,5 x 7,5cm

TIP: Thanks to the Gardena® connection, two or more filter housings can be connected in series. Then, for example, the solid filter cartridge acts as a pre-filter, and the combi activated carbon cartridge acts as a fine filter in another housing.

Note: Filter cartridges are wearing parts and should be replaced after 6 months.

Flow rate: >30 l / min

Package contents Dr. Keddo solid filter:

-Filter housing, filter cartridge, retaining clip, hygiene bag

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Product category: Toilet hygiene

Bigsan crystals / Environmentally friendly sanitary additive


Bigsan Crystals - Granules
Dosage: 30 ml per 20 l holding tank.

Bigsan crystals as an additive *for the faeces, waste water and flushing water tank of motorhomes, caravans, buses, boats.
Prevent unpleasant odours even from the septic tank, liquefy faeces, dissolve brown incrustations, lime deposits as well as urine scale and clean the tank walls. Very well biodegradable.


as an additive: After each emptying of the faeces tank, add the corresponding quantity of Bigsan crystals to the tank according to the table below. Then add approx. 200 ml of water for better distribution. If necessary, a few drops of citrus fragrance can be added to the crystals with each application.

Dosage table - data for approx. 20 l - faeces tank.:
Temperature: Dosage: Emptying:
up to 20 °C 30 ml after 5 days
up to 30 °C 40 ml after 4 days
up to 40 °C 50 ml after 3 days

for cleaning: dose 2 measuring spoons per 20 litres of waste tank. Half fill the tank with water. Drive and brake so that the tank walls are wetted, leave to soak overnight and empty.


as an additive: To avoid odours and deposits, add one measuring spoon of dissolved Bigsan crystals (200 ml of water per measuring spoon per 20 litres of tank contents) to the tank via the wash basin after each tank emptying. Follow this with standard use of the tank.

for cleaning: For the annual basic cleaning of a 100 litre waste water tank, add approx. 300 g Bigsan crystals directly into the tank after emptying. Rinse a little with water. By standard use of the water the level in the tank rises and so the cleaning takes place automatically. The addition of the Bigsan crystals can also be done through the sink with about 2-3 liters of water.


as an additive: To prevent deposits such as limescale, add one measuring spoon of Bigsan crystals per 20 litres of tank size to the flushing water tank each time it is filled.

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About us

Company portrait

Dr. Keddo GmbH

As a manufacturer of cleaning and care products for motorhomes, caravans and boats, we sell our products throughout Europe. Both basic care products and unique problem solvers, e.g. for GRP, acrylic, stainless steel and teak, are our strengths. Founded in 1984, Dr. Keddo GmbH is active in the German and international market. The head office and production of our medium-sized company are located in Hürth near Cologne. From the selection of raw materials to the finished product, you receive proven brand quality from a single source. Excellent customer service and direct customer contact on the phone and at all important trade fairs are a matter of course for the Dr. Keddo team.

Very early and long before it became a trendy topic, our company has paid attention to sustainability. True to our company motto "Give nature a chance", our goal in product development has always been not to burden the environment unnecessarily - because especially in camping and maritime activities, nature is the highest good. As early as the end of the 1980s, Dr. Keddo set a significant trend in environmental protection with its sanitary powder and received the coveted "Blue Angel" award for this product at the end of the 1990s. With the development of innovations consistently oriented to the target group of our products, among other things in the field of nanotechnology and in fresh water hygiene, such as the silver sphere for up to 2.5 years of water preservation, we have since then repeatedly set new and contemporary accents for cleaning and care products.

Intelligent innovations from Dr. Keddo and particularly effective and productive products have led to us being awarded a large number of prizes and enjoying great popularity with more and more customers.