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WM aquatec GmbH & Co. KG

Uracher Str. 22, 73268 Erkenbrechtsweiler
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CARAVAN SALON 2021 hall map (Hall 3): stand C32

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CARAVAN SALON 2021 fairground map: Hall 3


Marco Grotz


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Our products

Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation, Water tank cleaning, Water sterilization, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Problem: Water quality in motorhomes, caravans & boats

Drinking water does not mean germ-free water. Even in Germany, according to the current German Drinking Water Ordinance, despite very high quality standards, 100 CFU (germ-forming units: bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc.) are not allowed
per 1ml of water allowed in the drinking water. Due to the storage of water in the fresh water tank, in hoses and boilers (stagnant water) as well as influences such as bioavailable nutrients and heat, bacteria & Co. multiply rapidly. Also dilapidated pipes of the "water filling stations" on campsites are a problem, often in connection with insufficient water treatment standards, especially in Southern Europe or outside Europe.

This is also confirmed by the fact that up to 80% of travel sickness is due to the use or consumption of contaminated water.

Water - our most precious commodity
When it comes to water hygiene in motorhomes, caravans & boats, the range of treatment and cleaning products is very large and not immediately clear. But which products are really necessary and at what intervals should they be used to keep the fresh water, fresh water tank, pipes and boiler clean and hygienically safe?

annual cleaning, decalcification and disinfection of the entire fresh water system
suitable products: Hygiene-Trio (complete set), Hygiene-Set (complete set), DEXDA® CLEAN, KXpress
Preservation of water in Central and Northern Europe
suitable products: Hygiene-Trio (complete set), Hygiene-Set (complete set), SilberPad, SilberNetz, DEXDA® COMPLETE,
additional disinfection of water outside Central and Northern Europe
suitable products: DEXDA® COMPLETE, Filling & Inline Filter FIE-100

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation, Water tank cleaning, Water sterilization, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Tank Cleaning & Disinfection HYGIENE SET (TANKS UP TO 80 & 160 L)

The combination of the products DEXDA® Clean, KXpress and Silberpad is used in the caravanning and boat sector as well as in other water-bearing systems where hygienic safety combined with easy handling plays a major role. The combination of DEXDA® Clean and KXpress, which can be used together, saves a considerable amount of time and work compared to other products. With the silver pad, the water and the fresh water system are effectively protected against germs.

Annual cleaning with the cleaner combination DEXDA® Clean & KXpress:
The disinfection concentrate DEXDA® Clean for cleaning (biofilm removal) and disinfection reliably removes bacterial deposits, fungi, viruses, algae, legionella and biofilms from tanks, pipes, boilers etc.. It is 25 times stronger than active oxygen (hydrogen peroxide), an approved disinfection process according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance and pH-neutral in application (very well material compatible). Since the 2-component system is only activated before use, it has an extra long shelf life. The decalcifier (250ml) with the natural active ingredient of lemon (pure citric acid) decalcifies your entire fresh water system and also eliminates unpleasant odours. It has a child-proof cap and is also suitable for the effective descaling of kettles and coffee machines. Both products can be used separately or together.

Automatic water preservation with the silver pad:
Pure silver ions (Ag+) ensure automatic preservation of the fresh water with each new tank filling. The silver pad guarantees a controlled release of biocidal silver ions into the water. Depending on the order variant, water can be preserved in tanks with a capacity of up to 80 or 160 litres. The maximum preservation capacity for the tank sizes mentioned is max. 17,500 or 35,000 litres (at 0.08mg Ag+/l, depending on the chloride content of the water). The product should be changed after 12 months.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Water conservation - silver pad

Silberpad - the innovative solution for automatic water conservation

The SilberPad guarantees a controlled release of biocidal silver ions into the surrounding water. The innovative technology of the SilverPearls in the housing ensures that bacteria, viruses and fungi are already killed/inactivated in the storage tank/fresh water tank. The resulting storage capacity of the water (water preservation) extends over the entire water-carrying system, resulting in effective protection against germination or biofilm formation.

The SilverPad for mobile use was specially developed for fresh water preservation in motor homes, caravans, buses, off-road vehicles and boats. It ensures the automatic dosage of silver ions - with every new tank filling. This technology can also be found, for example, in air washers as well as in other technical applications.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation, Water tank cleaning, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Drinking water disinfection - BIOLITE® UV-LED WATER DISINFECTION

The biolite® UV disinfection unit from WM aquatec is the first fully automatic water disinfection unit of its kind, specially designed for use in motorhomes and boats, which switches on automatically when water is drawn off, thus guaranteeing hygienically perfect water worldwide!

As LEDs do not have a start-up or warm-up phase, they are switched on exclusively at the same time as the water is drawn off, resulting not only in very low power consumption, but also in a long service life of several years - without the need to change lamps. Therefore, biolite® disinfection units are virtually maintenance-free.

The water to be disinfected is irradiated with short-wave UV light. The genetic information of the pathogens contained in the DNA adsorbs the energy of the UV-C radiation and is destroyed in the process. This purely physical process enables efficient disinfection of the water (up to 99.999%*), without the use of chemical disinfectants.

With a flow rate of up to 8l/min, they are ideally suited for drinking water disinfection in e.g. motorhomes, expedition vehicles, food trucks or yachts. In addition, the LED light sources, the ballast and the control unit are housed in a high-quality stainless steel housing, which is a plug & play solution both electrically and water-wise with intelligent connections.

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Product category: Installation for drinking water preparation, Water tank cleaning, Drinking water systems / maintenance

Water filter set "Mobile Edition

The "Mobile Edition" water filter set is a complete set for use in camping, caravanning and yachting. It consists of a three-part water filter housing, a PP drinking water filter and various accessories. In addition, the housing is equipped with a vent valve. Rust, sand or other contaminants in the water are effectively filtered out and thus guarantee a better water quality.

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About us

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We at WM aquatec would like to offer you "tailor-made" solutions. By "tailor-made" we mean technical solutions that enable you to obtain water for your application in the desired quality and for every budget - whether it is the enthusiastic camper, the outdoor enthusiast, proud boat owner or the successful entrepreneur. In order to be able to guarantee this, we keep our eyes and ears open - at trade fairs, in customer discussions on the phone or during visits to your premises. We are always grateful and open to your suggestions and constructive criticism in order to continuously improve not only our products, but also us. According to your needs, the demand on the market or our feeling for innovative and practicable products, we will then take action and present our solutions to you.

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